URL and name

Just speculating that it may be a security reason. Having your name keeps things simple but when you open it to nicknames and the such I’m sure changes will slip through the net that will allow someone to defraud another person because it is similar to another name/company or offensive/racist ones etc.

I’m with you guys though, it would be cool to have anything and understand the reasoning behind not having this feature.

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This is spot on :slight_smile:

We have no real way to know whether a pseudonym is accurate or a way for someone to potentially defraud other people sadly :frowning: It wouldn’t be fair for us to allow it in some cases and not others so we stick to a derivation of your preferred name :+1:


That’s some sound reasoning to me. I guess it also potentially allows for variants such as firstnamelastnamebirthyear and similar for people who don’t want/like the default firstnamelastnamenextnumber format.

Any thoughts on whether requesting a change could become in-app functionality at some point? Even if someone from Monzo still has to approve/deny in the back-end before it becomes valid. I just feel a bit bad starting a whole new chat session to get something pretty minor changed…

I’d like to use my link on my website.

But as I try to limit my personal details online, I’d prefer not to show anybody using my monzo link my full name.

For Example:
With the payment page also customisable.

Is this already possible?
If not does anybody else feel this could be a good idea?

If you contact in app support they can change it for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Jack.
Do you know if they can remove your name from the top of the payment page too?

They will only change it within reason such as adding or removing middle names but unlikely to allow nicknames and you can’t remove the name on your page

Reason why nicknames aren’t allowed:


Thanks Andy.

In that case I think that my original question would be a good Idea and would like to submit it as such.

And just reading your post again.
Maybe a random string of numbers, letters or both could replace my name in the link.

And my name could just simply have the option to be shown or hidden on the payment page?

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I’ve merged your thread with the existing thread on this topic so it’s in one place for Monzo to review should they decide to revisit the naming in the future

Something like this would also be nice.

Setting up a company would solve your problem too, but probably too much work!

I didn’t see the topic when I searched.

You’d have to be fairly confident that your website wouldn’t be hacked to show a slightly different string.

I suspect that Monzo don’t allow it for a reason. If I received a link from someone, I’d want to be confident it was genuine.

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I’m sure if people really wanted to find out who is behind your website they could regardless of the name on your page.

Sounds like you need a business account though which Monzo don’t do. For a quick and simple solution just setup a Paypal Business account and you can do everything you need plus you’ll be covered legally - although there is a small fee.


I understand your concern Change Works.
No website is secure, in fact nothing with internet access is secure.
And what is to stop a hacker changing the link address from to now.

The only difference is that if that was done with a random string as I suggested, the Hacker wouldn’t know my name.

And to answer Ordog.
I’m not trying to hide my name (I know it can be found) only limit the amount of times it is publically available.

If I don’t need to put personal details on the internet, I don’t.
I also don’t need a business account, nor would I be eligible for one as my website is a hobby.

I write software and the website hosts this software for people to download.
The software is free of charge and at the moment I have a PayPal link on it, where people can click the link and buy me a coffee to say thank you for my time writing the software.

Not being a fan of PayPal I was hoping to replace that link with Monzo.

As I write my software under a Psuedo name, when people are directed to the Monzo payment page, they wouldn’t know it’s me anyway as my real name is displayed and not my Pseudo name.


The point is that links should be self-documenting: /HackersAccount and /BillSmith are different, and indicate the recipient, while two random strings aren’t.

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I understand.
But if my name was Bill Smith, the people sending me money don’t know me as Bill Smith.
So that doesn’t work in this case and they would be unsure as to who they were sending money to.


Absolutely. But I think that just means that isn’t the right tool for what you’re wanting to do.

There’s definitely an argument for some sort of “verify my nickname and use that” system, but there isn’t one, unfortunately.

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If Monzo are saying that the url has to be your full legal name why is this allowed?

No full legal name there…

I’m sure there are more but cba to look

It’s not so much the URL as it is the name displayed on the actual payment page.