down? - 02/04/23 (was never down 😬)

Seems is not working. The site is up but you can’t enter a username as it always returns

Couldn’t find anyone with that username

Edit: it wasn’t down :sweat_smile:. Disabling a setting had unexpected consequences.

Working fine for me. Is it back to normal for you now too?

Nope, still getting the same error that the username doesn’t exist despite it being displayed in my Monzo app.

It is a ‘custom’ username

Mines a custom one too. It brings up my page when I search for it.

Is it just your username or if you type a random name in like Peter does that return anything?


Hmm, I’ll reach out to chat and see what they say

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Try a bank transfer, your account may be frozen.

In and out.

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So if you turn ‘Payment with Friends’ off, it disables your link. Despite them being very different things (I would say) they are linked via that toggle in the ‘Privacy & Security’ section.