is now available to everyone!

(Richard Cook) #1 is now available for everyone! :tada:

That means it’s feedback time. Do you use And if not, why not?

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:
Community Roundup - 16/2/2018

Can you please confirm the rules/guidelines around URL? If someone wants to change the URL to a preferred name or just first/last name will this be possible? If not what are the clear set rules for this now.


Our general stance on this one is that can change it to a reasonable derivation of the legal and or preferred name. For example removing middle names or adding/removing numbers.

We can’t go around changing JohnDoe to JohnJones or TomJones :wink:

@RichardR did a pretty comprehensive example list: Appeared!

I changed mine from something like elizabethscott6 to place my middle initial in the middle…

(Toby Toller) #4

Love Monzo Me, but will use it far more frequently when incoming payments can be categorised to offset against Targets. For now I try and avoid paying the full bill and splitting via Monzo me as it breaks my targets!

(Peter Roberts) #5

When splitting bills I wish I could request more than £100 so it doesn’t need to be multiple transactions

Edit: I also wish there was a way to request money from other Monzo users directly in the app without having to send someone an external link to click


Allowing payment by credit as well as a debit card would be useful.

(MikeF) #7

I suspect you’d have to ask who was going to pay the card fees if you want to go down that route.

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(Reece) #9

Just adding my voice behind being able to edit our username for anonymity reasons.
I appreciate everyone has a differing opinion on this, but Id at least like the opportunity to not have to share my last name in all situations of using it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

(Matt) #10

I believe if you have a valid reason Support can do this for you…

(Reece) #11

Unfortunately theyve told me they arent able to.

(Hugh Wells) #12


Sorry to hear about this :disappointed:

There are limited options for changing your Monzo Me username at the moment - it is something we are looking at.

Your username is taken from your preferred name, which is a derivation of your full legal name - an accepted derivation might be to remove the middle names for instance. A preferred name must contain the full surname and a version of the first name (ie. Jim instead of James) at minimum.

(Reece) #13

Yes, this is what I was told.
But thank you for explaining, and I look forward to the future where it may be possible?


I don’t use it as I have to turn on contact sharing for it to work.

I don’t want to use contact sharing as I have lots of “non-friend” contacts who I don’t know and it’d be really weird if were randomly appeared in each others bank accounts, as I would never be spending them money. seemed ideal - I thought I could just send someone the link, and then they could pay me, but apparently it doesn’t work that way :frowning:


Exactly this!

Example: I share a premium Netflix subscription with 2 others, but it’s a reccuring debit from my account at £9.99/month.

Therefore, I split the bill every month via which is ideal. The downside however is that it doesn’t actually “split the bill” per se as the whole bill remains mine, just offset by an incoming £6.66 boost to my balance.

I’d much prefer an update to correct this systematic error so that my bill would be recognised as £3.33 spent on Netflix so as not to derail my targets.


Does Monzo recycle usernames?

For example, if Joe Bloggs uses and, later, changes his account (from joebloggs) to joeybloggs, does Monzo allow the original username (joebloggs) to then be used by someone else?