[monzo.me] Regular issues with payments

Issue: I saw another thread related to this but I don’t think I’m having the same issue. This is an issue where the bank won’t verify the payment to Monzo.

I recently collected payments for a work whipround through Monzo.me and out of the 15 people that tried to pay (that weren’t Monzo customers) every single one of them had issues and the vast majority couldn’t send at all. I asked what banks they were using and it was all varied.

This isn’t a great introduction for users to Monzo! I’d love if the ease of Monzo.me helped entice some others over but obviously with it not working it’s not going to increase their confidence in the bank.

When I asked my boss to talk me through the issue he said that when he got to the confirmation screen it just wouldn’t go through, and he had to verify multiple times but each time it failed. He managed to get through on the third try. Invariably some gave up earlier than that.

Details to reproduce: Try to send a monzo.me payment via desktop
OS: Various
Device: Various
App Version: N/A

Did u have the payments turned on

Cause i had something in the app turned off and it stopped me getting money through monzo.me

I can’t see an option for turning payments on. But the fact that I have had people successfully send payments eventually suggests that it is turned on.

If u got in to account then at the top settings

Then if u scroll down it will say payments with friends

Have you checked your inbound Monzo.me inbound limit? Be good to rule that out first!

Thanks beth i forgot about that

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£938 remaining… so definitely not that.
Payments with friends is on.

It’s really hard to know without seeing your account and their errors so I’m clutching at straws.

Are they all UK debit cards?

What do they mean by verification screen? Have they asked their banks if they have any insight into their payments failing?

I believe the issue is when it gets to the stage that their bank throws “Verified by Visa” or similar from their bank. I’m surprised no one else has heard of this, as my boss mentioned to be several times that “Monzo.me never works” when he does payment at work and several of my colleagues are in agreement to the point we always have to set up PayPal pools alongside Monzo to be able to get funds for whiprounds. It seems to be an issue for everyone. I am going to ask my Grandmother to do a payment (also one that failed before) so I’ll ask her to tell me what explicitly happens.

So far I’m aware of problems with Barclays, Natwest and Yorkshire Bank getting stuck at the verification screen for the payment and then getting stuck in a loop of asking for verification again and again. I have an account with First Direct too so I might give it a go and see what happens.

Oh i understand now

They need to contact there bank i had this problem and its visa that seem to block it

Visa seem to block payments going through alot

As Gavin said above, it definitely sounds like an issue on the card end rather than ours as it’s waiting for their bank to verify the payment.

I hate visa cards cause they would block me paying for stuff most of the time

While I can understand this being an issue on their end, is it not still in Monzo’s interest to investigate this? I could understand Monzo washing their hands of it if it was a single, rare issue with one bank, but for this to cause problems across Visa which is used by millions of people, surely this is a huge issue for Monzo and it’s spread?

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U should call the banks first cause its most likely visa who have blocked the payments

I’m just setting up a monzo.me link to send to a family member to allow them to pay me back for something. Out of interest, I entered the resulting link (including custom amount & note) into a browser and I saw the usual monzo.me web-page displayed for less than a second, then I got “An unexpected error has occured.” displayed in the middle of the browser display. Strange. Google Chrome version 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I then opened an incognito browser window and did the same and the link appears to work OK.
Obviously some sort of caching/cookie issue but I’m not sure why?

Unfortunately as far as I’m aware this isn’t something we can fix, as it’s down to the individual banks and their payments checks :pensive: