Constant issues with payments

I’ve reported this to Monzo via the app, but I’m months down the line and am still experiencing issues with bill splitting via simply not working. I’m wondering whether anyone else has noticed this?

For example, I’ve just sent a payment request link to a friend to split my lunch bill. They opted to pay using Apple Pay, authorised the payment with Touch ID and the Apple Pay window showed the payment was successful. The window closes down and the page refreshes; however, the funds never came into my account. No push notification and nothing in my account when I look in the app.

On checking their account via their online banking it hasn’t left their account and there is no record of the transaction happening. It’s extremely frustrating when I send a link to a friend, they “pay” me, only for me to chase them up a couple of days later asking them to complete payment. They tell me they did it already but the money never came into my account.

I’d say around 1/3 of payment requests via experience this issue at the moment and I can’t be the only person running into this problem, surely?


I think it’s a known issue with using ApplePay with

@simonb I think this is another situation where if Monzo has a well known public bug tracker / known issues list for user facing things it would be good :+1:


I did actually see another thread pop up after I posted this with someone reporting exactly the same issue. I would agree that a public bug tracker, even if just a basic Trello board, would be beneficial.

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I’ve only used once, but the person paying me had to make several attempts at it, so you may be right. Either that or I have very unclever friends :confounded:

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I have seen the same issue constantly - no one whom I’ve sent my link was so far able to pay via Apple Pay…
In my view, it would be better UX if Monzo temporarily removed/disabled the Apple Pay button until this is resolved - otherwise people will keep trying it is becomes irritating for them (much more than for the person actually receiving the money).


Argh, I’d just persuaded my husband to try it, to send me money. It’s not worked!


Yes I’ve had this issue with Apple Pay users.

My wife paid me via using Apple Pay. It worked.

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I’ve just requested a payment from my wife via
It doesn’t work
We’ve now tried Curve, Debit, and Credit cards but still nothing works :man_shrugging:t2:

My experience is it works with a HSBC debit card, an RBS debit card and a Nationwide debit card. I’ve not seen it personally used with other things

Edit: it isn’t supposed to work with credit cards specifically

have you tried in app chat to resolve the situation or are you hoping that somebody on the public forum can resolve it for you ?



Pincer movement here
I’m trying all avenues

excellent do let us know if they provide a solution / or not


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Perhaps we could test it by your wife sending a payment to my :thinking::laughing:


There’s some sort of outage stuff on the status page right now. Wonder if that could be related?

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Normally works for me with Apple Pay.

CS has been on the case
Will give it another go shortly

The offer to send money to me remains open :grinning:

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Can I send 1p

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The test only works with £1,000 unfortunately. :wink: message via DM with request for £1,000 :laughing:

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