broken (but works OK for @davidwalton)

Had a few people recently who couldn’t pay me through Finally got round to asking support, and after speaking to four or five people, it turns out it’s down with no ETA on a fix. Anyone else noticed this, or am I the only one who uses it? I think it’s one of the best things about Monzo!

Have you hit your limits?


Didn’t realise there were limits. R-

No. They’ve admitted it’s down with no ETA. I wonder if they’re tired of the Stripe fees, which would mean they should admit they’re closing it. Surely otherwise there would be someone working to fix it?

Just tried sending myself a quid and it worked OK

Although I had a bit of a wrestle with approving the transaction from a HSBC account (on the HSBC side) - 30 seconds later the £1.00 debit (from HSBC) to the £1.00 credit (to Monzo) reflected in my Monzo connected accounts. And the balances were correct, so the transaction happened correctly on both sides.

Where does it go wrong for you?
(You’re not trying this with a Joint Account are you? - that’s never worked…)

EDIT: Title edited to reflect it isn’t broken. For me at least. I am so special. :man_superhero:

What chat say and what the reality is doesn’t always align.

I very much doubt it’s completely down. Have you checked your limits?


Head to your transaction list, tap manage. And then limits at the bottom. Then limit.

£1,000 a month.

Working fine here.

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How odd. Yeah definitely nowhere near limits.

When people enter their card details, it just sailys declined. Ive had four people with multiple cards each, and they’re definitely not credit cards. Here’s the response from support:

Why can’t they send you by bank details?

Why would multiple people need to pay you in this manner opposed to account and sort code?

As for it looks specific to you in their reply. Are the users paying you based in the UK, using UK debit cards?


Yeah that makes it sound like it’s been withdrawn from a particular customer, not that it’s withdrawn for all.

They can. The point of is that you don’t have to share them, and there are no typos.

Also yes they are UK debit, but UK was never a requirement before. I’ve used it a lot for foreigners (on debit). This makes it even more useful because they can’t use BACS.

Guess it’s not broken just not available to you as the message states.

You’ll have to ask your friends abroad to send via other means.

Revolut gives you IBAN/swift details as does Starling. Wise also offers similar.

Curious, what is it you sell to have to deal with so many foreign nationals?

Could be the reason it’s no longer available for you.

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Ha ha - a few weird assumptions there! As i said above, these are not foreigners - i just know that it used to work for global debit cards. Also who mentioned selling anything? I was just getting a few mates to pay me back for things. I am not looking to change bank - I just like it when my main bank works the way they say it should.

Which bit of the message from support says it’s exclusive to me?

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Monzo was a very neat, easy, instant, and completely fee free for my friends and family in other countries (mostly US) to send me money. Any other way would have involved fees, taken days, and possibly not arrive at Monzo at all due no proper IBAN support.

When Apple Pay was removed Cash App took over for this stuff for us. But that obviously only works between the U.K. and the US.

Just had a friend in NYC test it (California is still sleeping). Without Apple Pay now, two of their three banks blocked it (not been an issue in the past back when it supported Apple Pay), not Monzo. The other let it go through, but may charge them a foreign currency transaction fee once it’s settled with their bank.

I know some U.K. banks block Monzo me payments for some customers in some conditions with some accounts too. (Usually those under 18 or with basic accounts).

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Sell/do/cost for.

The bit that says “Unfortunately we are current not able ti provide the service”

And progressed to say use other methods.

Global debit cards - foreign nationals IE living abroad. Non UK based people/debit cards.

Foreign national probably not the right term.

Never seen or heard of that as it’s a financial service, not relative to 18+ so those conditions must be weirdly set by the host bank/issuer to decline.

They block apps like cash app too for the same reason, so it must be restrictions on those accounts/customers preventing the use of peer to peer payment services.

I interpreted the statement from CS “…- we hope to get this back up for you again soon :pray:” as a statement made to the specific user (unfortunately you in this case)


I took that to mean “you all”, given the bit above about not being able to offer the service. That wording would seem a bit strong for one user. Also they’ve checked my account and found nothing wrong.


It’s always worked for me. Never fails unless I hit the monthly limit for it and as long as it’s under the maximum per transaction.