Monzo link to friends not working

Issue: friends and family members aren’t able to send money via the link, all have different bank accounts and still having issues it says declined on every attempt

Details to reproduce:
OS: 16.3.1
Device: IPhone 11
App Version: 5.13.0

Have you hit your limits?

Limit? It was the first transfer for over a month.

Does that mean you’ve checked your limits?

Been having this issue too for the last few days. People trying to pay money back on their payday. just declining every attempt, from a few different banks (Halifax, NatWest, Nationwide, Lloyds). Sub-£30 payments. They’re bank accounts with sufficient funds.

For the first two, just assumed it was issues with their bank (same group), but after others does seem an issue on Monzo’s end.

My Monzo me limit in the app is untouched.

Ended up having to send bank transfers.

First incident on the 25th February. Still the same today.

Note to self: remember to censor your name before uploading images in the future! Every time! :man_facepalming:

Yes, I’ve still got balance remaining

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Glad it’s not just me having the same issue. Honestly bizarre, we’ve tried Barclays, NatWest and nationwide too. So must be Monzo’ send.

We had to bank transfer too in the end.

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Yep got the same :frowning:

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Same issue here. Been collecting 10-15 payments of £2 every week for kids football on a personal account.
Since yesterday I’m unable to accept payments.

Received a message from Monzo implying I was using the account for business and warning me the account might be closed. Asked them to clarify and explained what I have been doing. I’m neither a business nor a sole trader. Their response:”

Hi Paul, xxxxx here from the business banking team :wave:
I’m afraid we can’t go into any further detail on why we initially send the message”

Have you ever read such a nonsense response?


Thanks for letting us know! We’re looking into this :eyes:


This should now be fixed - if you have any further problems please let me know :hot_coral_heart:

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Payment goes through now but redirects to this page:

So no confirmation for the sender that it’s been sent.

Cheers @N26throwaway - on it!

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Is anybody else seeing this error?

I’ve just tested it and I got the confirmation page!

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I’ll give it another go in a bit and report back. Could have just been too quick off the mark.

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All good now @Dan5 ! Tested with Chase this time which prompts for the MasterCard check. That took quite a while to actually pop up, that a minute or so had already gone from Chase’s timer when it did. Not sure if that’s you or them. Went through and got the confirmation though.

Thanks for getting it fixed so quick!

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Can’t take credit for this tho, the team had already identified the problem before I flagged it!


Well done on getting this resolved. I just tested it and payment went through. It would be helpful for the customer experience if your customer service teams (in-app chat) were up to speed on these things so they could provide an appropriate response to customers when asked. Not everybody is going to know to look for a Monzo forum. I’m still concerned that Monzo are suggesting my personal account is being used for business. Would love to get a response as to whether collecting the payments as I have been doing for over a year, has now suddenly become an issue that could end up with my account being closed. Thanks for your help so far.

Because you’ve clearly triggered a limit. You say it’s for football but maybe you’re selling something? They don’t know.

If Monzo say you can’t use it and they think you’re using it like a business then that’s that really.