payments failing with Card declined message

I have been receiving numerous payments of small amounts (£2) successfully over the last few weeks but now many people are saying that their card is declined when this used to work. This is occurring for several different people with different bank cards… Why is this happening!

Did you ask Monzo? Were they any help?

How much has each card sent you?

Have you read the limits?

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Have you checked you’ve not exceeded the receiving limit on


It’s much less than £1k… Only £2 a go and the number of these is <100

Haven’t contacted them yet… Will do

£2 it’s a very specific number to receive 100 of those payments. Do you mind if I ask what it is you’re using for?

It’s for a golf rollup group… Instead of taking in cash… I use monzo pots for each of the weekly rollups… Typically 25 to 30 players each week.

If they have blocked it I suggest you use PayPal money pool, it should be much easier to manage.

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I wonder (and it’s pure speculation) if Monzo think you’re using your account for business or something along that line

You need to ask them and I would definitely follow @kolok advice and use PayPal instead


I don’t want to use PayPal… Pots in monzo are fine for what I need to do here… Just need a few people to be able to send me these small amounts… Will wait to see what the Monzo support team say… I have emailed them…

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If you use a card too much on it gets blocked for a few days since you can only use a card certain amount of times each month to reduce laundering risks.
I go over this limit each month.

Use PayPal or Cash if it’s only £2. Or get them to transfer it normally.

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I’m also guessing that lots of £2 transactions is also quite expensive for Monzo

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Is this some form of raffle/gambling?

If so, please be aware that it’s against the law (unless it’s for a registered charity) and could result in your account being closed, immediately.

No it’s not… I am attempting to minimise handling of cash. The money I collect goes towards subsidising an end of year meal for those that have played throughout the year. Using and pots seemed a good use of technology. Obviously though monzo may have different ideas…

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I don’t really understand Stripe (if I’m honest!) but my understanding is that the decision whether to decline a payment or not rests with them and not us.

I’m very surprised Monzo use stripe. Their rates aside (even if you have negotiated a deal) surely Monzo would process the transaction themselves

It’s just a legacy from the pre-paid days. I suspect that the amount of engineering time required to rework it isn’t worth the time and effort based on the number of people that use it.

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I have asked the support team for help with this issue and to be honest… not impressed so far with their help… I am now thinking about moving elsewhere if this cannot be sorted…