Issues with declined payments

Hi there,

As late I have had quite a few payment rejections, the money is in the account and the card details are spot on. Yet the websites report a failed attempt.

The monzo app reports no attempt to colect or decline.

I use my other accout card, and all is fine.

Its happened on and off for a week now.

Any ideas whats happening? Its certainly not the website and having made calls there is only so much I can find out. These are companies I have used before without a problem too. Its all very weird.

Any help would be appreciated as it is a pain in the bum.

Which website(s) are you having issues with?

If I understand you correctly the website is rejecting payment and you’re therefore not seeing any decline message in your app?

Hi there Ordog - thanks for checking in and the reply.

Pretty much as you have summarised; I have Amazon subscribe and save orders that are pinging me emails to say the payments declined but there is no trace in the app.

The Gov website, I tried to pay for my vehicle tax and payment declined. I could see the active card check but no payment.

Paying for car insurance - the same happened, payment declined but no app notification.

There are more, for smaller businesses where the same has happened - sometimes with and sometimes without a card check.

Hello :wave: and no problem at all :blush: I’m not sure if any of us on here can be of much help with what you’re saying but it certainly sounds odd :confused:

I have paid for vehicle tax and have used Amazon with no problems. I also think it is going to be a bit tricky for Monzo to help as it seems like it is being blocked before it even gets to them - which is why you’re not seeing anything in app.

Sometimes lesser known/smaller insurance providers haven’t updated their database to recognise Monzo but your others should be fine. I assume you can use your card perfectly fine everywhere else?

So other than double and triple checking your details are entered correctly, I’d say that your best bet is to contact one of these companies and they should be able to tell you why your card was declined :crossed_fingers:

I’ve had endless issues with Deliveroo, always approve the payment in the app and the money gets taken, then says payment failed and get an instant refund. Not an authentication issue as it asked for my PIN and I accepted it in the app (with the Monzo box saying it was “Confirmed”). My Credit card and Lloyds Debit both work without issue. Seems to be the only merchant to do this, however.

Have you contacted support? Seems incredibly unlucky/strange that you’re suffering this many issues with acceptance, hopefully they may be able to pinpoint the issue.

I’ve never encountered an acceptance issue with Monzo however recently did with Tymit and they were able to trace something on their end to see what happened, i’d assume Monzo can escalate and do the same :slight_smile:

Let’s not conflate the two, yours could be (and sounds like) a total separate issue as you’re getting notifications in app for starters.

Start a new topic or as advised above contact in app. Tap into one of the failed payments, scroll to the bottom and tap ‘something wrong, tell us’. This will send everything over that Monzo need to investigate.

Is your card frozen in the :monzo: app?

Double check that your billing address matches your Monzo card exactly - even a rogue space or an extra line between the address components can cause some merchants to decline payments on their side while appearing successful on our side.

Unfortunately we can’t look into your account on the community but if you drop us a message via chat then we can have a look at the exact decline reasons and try figure out why it’s declining.

If you aren’t seeing a decline message in the app though, that’s likely a problem with the merchant rather than our side.

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