Anyone successfully used today? Tried it this morning with 2 different cards and both declined. Same again just now…


Hey! Just did a test transaction and all went through fine, so not a widespread outage or anything.

Are they cards you’ve used before successfully with It’s also worth considering if the limits in place might be causing the issue:
“The maximum you can pay through is £100 (and the minimum is £1!) In a 30-day rolling period, you can’t receive more than £1,000 through or send more than £500 from a single debit card.”

Failing that, might be worth sharing a little more about any error messages you receive when you try to make the payment?


Thanks for trying that!!

Have used the cards before. Definitely not hit my limits, it just comes up with a red banner across the top of the page saying “this transaction can’t be completed because the card was declined”

Not to worry, will try again tomorrow and if not get onto customer care.

Thanks again :+1:

Sounds like customer support is definitely the best next step in that case if your limits are all good and the cards are active! One that’ll need digging into properly from the inside from the sounds of things :blush:

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Their is a £500 per person within the month 1st-1st. It doesn’t tell you about this limit but it’s there you could have gone over this