failing after OTP

Is anyone else suffering from declined transactions (I use it to send money from my non monzo bank to monzo) - I get the OTP from my bank but it gets declined every time. All the details are correct. I’m using the same card for other transactions without a problem.

Have you checked your limits?

Not sure why you’d use for this and not just save yourself as a payee and bank transfer. Each to their own though.


I use a lot, most of time my coworkers who want to pay me back, I will send them my link haha

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That’s what it is intended for. When you don’t want to give out bank details.

It’s not really intended for transferring yourself money from your own account. That being said it should still work providing you’re still within the limits.

1 Like is more limited. My limit is £1000 a month so maybe you have hit yours?
If it’s your own account you are transferring from, wouldn’t a bank transfer using account number and sort code be better, and wouldn’t also be as limited?