"Your card was declined" message

Hey all.

My husband has managed to pay me via loads of times before and never had a problem.

However, over the past couple of days he gets a “Your card has been declined” message whenever he tries to pay me. He has tried both his Lloyds account and Barclays account, both of which are Visa Debit to no avail. He has enough money in his account. We also got a friend to try with her Halifax and it’s the same. It doesn’t even get to the Visa secure screen etc. The page just acts like it’s going through and then after a second they get the message.

It’s not over the daily limit. It’s only for like £5.

Is anyone else having this problem please? I know they could just bank transfer it to me but I find an easier way to keep track of payments sometimes.

They’ve also tried clicking the link I send them and also inputting my username manually to no avail.

I’ve got in touch with support, but I’m wondering if there’s some sort of block on my account which has stopped payments? It was fine up until 2 days ago. :confused:

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Could be the 30-day limit:

In a 30-day rolling period, you can’t receive more than £1,000 through or send more than £500 from a single debit card.

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Even if nothing has changed on his end, check that the name and address are exactly how it is on his account/card.

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Definitely name/address v important.
And I tried it a few occasions with a credit card before I found out that it does only work with debit cards. Support was helpful finding out.