payment failed because

… “this card has been used too much in the last month. Please contact us”.

Still lots of limit available.
Anyone else had this?

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Is the message right though, have you used the same card before?

I guess they prevent using the same card too much per account to prevent cash recycling or “abuse” of to make regular top-ups (which cost the money).

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Yes, the message is correct about the card being used before. It’s just a bit annoying to see Monzo putting up obstacles, because they don’t like the cost - or at least it looks that way.

If they don’t like e.g. a couple using a big chunk of their limit to send each other money, then maybe this is another service they should abandon… Suspected fraud, fine - block the card, but why block a card simply because you’ve used it “a lot” when you’re within your limits?


Because is designed for a one off quick payment from a friend or relative, not as a replacement for regular payments.

Although to be fair if there is a per card per account limit, the user should clearly be made aware of that fact as to not be caught off-guard.


What’s wrong with using bank transfers? I imagine it would be quicker and easier since you can save payees :thinking:

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I don’t believe we’ve changed any rules recently.

Depends a lot on the individual, I suppose.

I bookmark the link and pay with Google Pay, so it’s two or three taps, plus the money is always there instantly.

I’m not even that bothered whether Monzo provide this or not - just if they are, the rules should be 100% clear.

Also, this was more or less one of the arguments for getting rid of debit cards topups. If it’s cheaper and almost as easy to do bank transfers in virtually all circumstances, why provide this service at all?

Same message


Could you point me to the rules?

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Anything relevant in Account > manage > Limits and allowances ?

Maybe daily card transactions? Or ATM withdrawals?

No, nothing. Lots of headroom on all my limits - I don’t do ATM withdrawals

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No indication I can find anywhere that there’s a monthly limit per card for making payments

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The limit is £500 per 30 days (although we reserve the right to change that). is designed to be used for small person to person payments for things like bill splitting. It’s not meant to be used for large transfers between two people (which is why there is a per transaction limit of £100).

I checked with our financial crime team, and I can tell you that the limit is there to limit the amount of fraud someone can perform via on a single card. I’m afraid this limit isn’t something that we can change.

We’ve had this limit for a long time (this is what I meant by “we haven’t changed any rules recently”). We didn’t put it in to reduce our card processing costs.

As you’ve pointed out, you can make a bank transfer instead. One idea that my team are looking at is making it easier to share your sort code and account number with someone not on Monzo.


So the limit is £500 every 30 days for any one card, but can I use two cards to use the 1k limit for itself? It’s not clear to me how that combats fraud!

It would also be useful to see this information at relevant points in help.

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This is essential.

I believe the risk here is “stolen card fraud”. If someone steals your debit card, this limits the amount that they can put into their own account via

You’re right that we could make this clearer!


I would have thought the £100 limit per day would do that. You’d probably notice your card was missing and/or the transactions within five days

The idea is to protect Monzo from fraud. A stolen card can otherwise still be cashed out across multiple accounts to bypass the 100£/day limit. The per-card limit (now reading why this limit is in place I am no longer sure it applies per-account) would still limit the damage to 100£ no matter how many accounts have been tried.

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As I read it, the per card limit would restrict total risk across multiple accounts to £500, because it’s a per month limit, whereas the £100 per day limit is per account. Quite a mouthful to put in the FAQs though :slight_smile: