£250 withdrawal limit per month?

Just discovered the monthly limit after getting charged £7.50 for my second £250 withdrawal of the month.

Frankly I’m surprised. Has this been discussed as an issue before on here? I couldn’t find any open threads on the issue.

Anyway, for me this is %100 the beginning of the end of my Monzo use. I have loved having the features of this card as my daily walk around, but if I’m this limited in cash withdrawal, I think that honestly outweighs the positives.


Are you sure it’s not the ATM that’s not charging you as there is no limit

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This was introduced 17 months ago for those that do not fulfil a set of ‘main account use’ criteria.


To summarise this is why the above fees were introduced.

If you’re using Monzo frequently, and clearly finding that it a good bank to use, they just ask for a few small things in return so they can keep improving things and providing this service without burning money.


Thank you for the replies.

My Monzo card is the ONLY card I use for ALL day to day payments living in LONDON.

Point being is, I smash that usage criteria month in month out. But apparently i somehow didn’t qualify for taking £600 out that month without a significant charge (was about £15 if I remember correctly)

Anyway. It might be what Monzo need to do, but it has stopped my Monzo card being my preferred current account now.

I assume it’s the paying in you meet easily. But do you not have any monthly direct debits? That might be why you’re not qualifying.

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Do you have at least 1 Direct Debit and pay at least £500 into your account each month?

Or receive a pension or benefits into your account, if you fall into either of those categorys contact our team so they can review this and look at fixing your allowance.


You may be running into this issue if you are using multiple current accounts, ensure the following:

We consider you to be meeting the criteria for bigger cash and card allowances if you meet at least one of the criteria below:

  • At least £500 was paid into a Monzo account in your name over the last rolling 35-day period, and you have at least one active Direct Debit on the same account in the same period.
  • You’ve received a Department of Work and Pensions or a Department for Communities’ payment into a Monzo account in your name over the last rolling 35-day period.
  • You’ve received a student loan payment into a Monzo account in your name over the last rolling 8-month period.
  • You’re sharing a Monzo Joint Account with someone who has done at least one of the above.

If you don’t meet the criteria listed [above]

Cash withdrawal in pounds in the UK: First £250 in a rolling 30-day period free, 3% after that

Fee information

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You will be correct as now I’ve scanned back I realise I’ve got 3 x that going through monthly but probably no DDs cos I don’t go in for that much (I like to pay/suffer in lumps)

Anyway, while I could add a DD to the account, if I add a DD today, the goal posts will just move tomorrow.

Point is, this simpleton was annoyed at an unexpected and frankly outrageous charge (would have been cheaper to withdraw on my credit card)
So now transitioning away from Monzo because I feel like my old bank would never issue me a charge I couldn’t see coming a mile away. And I like that more.

This is exactly what they want from heavy cash users. Rather than leaving Monzo you’ll probably “transition” into using Monzo for all of your spending and BNPL where they have tasty margins, but you’ll open a dinosaur bank account to withdraw your loads of cash from their dinosaur ATM so they will have to pay for the cost of all of those withdrawals and Monzo will keep all of the margins.

As a crowdfunding investor this is all good news, no?

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It could simply be with Paypal and job done. You then don’t have to move away from a bank you “love” to one that doesn’t compare at all.

You’re only cutting your nose off to spite your face I’m afraid. They’re highly unlikely to remove these restrictions because they’re fairly recent and were causing them to lose money.

Entirely up to you though, but from what you’ve said in this topic it’s an odd choice but yours to make nonetheless :man_shrugging: