for joint accounts?

This is pretty much essential now with the bill splitting feature.

I’d definitely like this as I just learned the hard way I can’t do this with joint account. only AFTER paying for the whole bill on behalf of everyone and can’t split it because they aren’t with Monzo :confounded:

Where does this fall on the roadmap?


Given the limits on the personal account are so stingy, I suspect the brake on this is that they don’t want people increasing their allowance simply by opening a joint account.

Haven’t seen any plans to do it on joint account and I’ve got a sneaky suspicion it’s around the url naming and how that works. In the meantime the easiest work around is just to use one of the sole accounts and transfer money

That hadn’t occurred to me but you might be on to something. Does get used quite a lot that having a joint account just to double the limit is appealing? The limit is £1000 a month isn’t it? Considering I’ve never used it, that seems reasonable for my needs.

Re: workaround, yeah I have sent them links to my personal one and will transfer it to joint after. It’s just a shame it can’t be factored into the split bill for budget reasons

Bottom line is that it’s quite expensive for Monzo, but there are plenty of reasons people might want to use the allowance.
Particularly since debit card topups were stopped.

The policy is already quite restrictive, probably for this reason

I don’t think Monzo are alone in keeping tight control of these limits. Starling doesn’t have settle up on joint accounts either.


It might also explain the distinct lack of comment from Monzo staff on this thread.
The thread when they turned off debit card topups went on and on…

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Thanks for the feedback. Slightly off topic, I don’t seem to be able to do split bill with non Monzo person in my sole account either. I’m on Android is it only available for iOS?

Replying to my own question. I found out how to do split bills for non-monzo people, you just can’t do that until you have split it with at least one Monzo person first. That’s a bit if a UX bug I think. I added a Monzo friend just so I could split the bill with the non Monzo people, but then I couldn’t remove him. Setting his share to 0 didn’t work either, he ended up with an equal share which he declined. Now everyone else is set with the wrong amount which I can’t change. Think I may have to raise a bug. :bug:


Again replying to my own post. It is possible to use with a joint account when splitting a bill. I asked in a help thread and it was answered.

I pretty much only use the joint account as that’s how my partner and I have always done our banking. However when someone request a payment from me I can only pay from my soul account. Am I missing something here? Or is this something that is not currently possible


It’s not currently possible. Still quite a few features that don’t exist on joint account yet

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I also think it would be useful to make transfers from the joint account. Hopefully this is being worked on. :crossed_fingers:


I’d like to see for joint accounts as well


I’d like to 2nd this idea.
If you could add this feature by July that’d be awesome, for those who will be kind enough to give me and my fiancée money as a wedding present. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve just fallen into this trap too. Is really like this feature too

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drives me mad every time.
I get alot of payment requests to my monzo account from co-workers (we’re all on monzo) but I solely use a joint account with my significant other.
every time, I have to decline the payment request, switch to joint account and pay them the amount requested.
or I could, go into joint account and transfer funds…
would be easier if I could choose which account to pay the request from


This seems to have gone a bit dead, but I just made a request for money, people told me they’d paid, but I couldn’t see it in our joint account. I hadn’t realised that the request for money was to my personal account rather than our joint account that I was switched to.

Please add this feature: I can’t see anything technically difficult about it, it just needs bothering to do.

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In a different thread, the idea of a different monzo domain for the Joint Account was thought up;

Current link (for Persoal Account) =[username]

Idea for Joint Account =[username1] or[username2]

This could work while keeping the current structure for personal accounts unchanged.

If this happens - full credit to @Rat_au_van :smile:


Sweet idea!

Edit: OMG this is a perfect solution. Please do this Monzo!