Monzo please take my money!

It’s already there in my account and going all around. Money is coming in, money is going out. Why won’t you take a little bit of it every month for yourself? I think you deserve it. I would like to pay for all the expenses that I am incurring to Monzo. Instead of guilt-tripping me that card top-up cost are costing, take 20p from the transaction. Same goes for everything else. Or if there was a 7.50 monthly plan that I could pay it would be fine by me.

Sorry to be a bit dramatic. As I am switching to Monzo as my main account I would like to make sure that this is a bank that I will be able to use in the future.


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I think you should be able to use it indefinitely without topups. My last one was in July 2017, I believe.

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