Is there a limit on payments with the card?

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Hello there,

I have been using it without any problems until recently.

Today I tried to make a payment online, after quite a few this week, and it was declined. In another website it said “that amount is over the limit”. I lowered to a lesser amount and it worked. And after that it seems I run out of the amount I can pay for because it doesn’t let me pay anything else, at least today.

My girlfriend, with her own Monzo card, got a similar screen on the atm the other day, it said you have reached your limit. And yesterday trying to pay for some tickets online it was denied.

In the limit section of the app it doesn’t say anything and we are not near any limit.

Any idea what’s going on?


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The daily card limit is the first line on the limits page. It’ll be between £250 or £10,000 depending on your level of verification and whether you’re on the Prepay or CA.

ATM limits are ~£400 again depending on various factors.

btw. no website would know that you were over these limits, they just see success/decline, so the website itself may have some kind of limit?

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I don’t know how the website knew, but I lower the amount of credit from 100 to 50 and then it went through.

I am aware of the ATM limits, but I don’t see those limits you refer to in the first line. It just says “max single card payment” which is £1,000. But I understand that’s the maximum amount for a single payment.

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