Monzo COps kindly changed my so it no longer has a middle name

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Do I need to enable or initialise Monzo.Me first, before asking COps to remove my middle name? Or can i just ask them now?

I’ve only had Monzo for a few weeks, so don’t (yet) have any Contacts using it to benefit from this functionality. But I am showing off the app to friends, and might be successful in spreading the love… is actually for non Monzo users to pay direct into your account without the sortcode and account number :upside_down_face:

Wait until you see it in your account then ask them :slightly_smiling_face:

It is visible in my account.

It also refers to being able to pay Contacts, which I just read up on (looks like it scans through my phone’s contacts list to see if phone numbers match any other Monzo account holders). So I figured that would be a Monzo to Monzo transaction between people who I add to the app.

However, the Monzo.Me “How does it work” instructions says I will be informed when a friend joins Monzo. Where is it getting a list of my friends from? Not everyone in my phone contacts list is someone who I need to know if they’re a Monzo user, nor vice versa.

You are correct mate :slight_smile:

Monzo looks through your contacts, matches and shows them in a list of people with the same name as your contacts in the payment tab… you simply click on them and enter the amount, press Pay, enter your PIN… DONE :slight_smile:

As long as your friend is in your phone contacts with the same number as Monzo it will show automatically. is so people who don’t have Monzo can pay you. That bit might be from when it was the old Monzo Pre-pay BETA… might get updated soon to a new page look :slight_smile:

If I enable payments, presumably that means anyone else in my contacts list who is a Monzo user will then see that I am also a Monzo user.

What information will they see if I come up when they scan for friends? My Monzo full name (incl. middle name), or my name as it already appears in their phone’s contacts list?

Sorry, I’m a bit paranoid about not knowing what information I’m opening up for others to see.

I’m not sure, but I don’t see a reason why Monzo would disclose anything beyond the name you are saved under (on your friends’ phones), since you just have to tap on a contact to make a payment.

It’s alright :slight_smile: the only information they see is the contact information they have for you… it will appear as you do in their contacts, that’s all.

So in their phone book if they have you saved as Monzilla they will see Monzilla that’s it… (and the fact you have Monzo too)

Thanks for this, going to ask them to shorten mine (only my mum calls me katherine)

I’d certainly prefer Monzilla than my middle name!

Haha :stuck_out_tongue: - for those people who can wait… soon once Monzo has finished testing, they are making it so you can edit your own username :slight_smile:

I’d love to get my middle name removed, full stop. It wasn’t needed when I signed up, so I’m not sure why I included it. I guess I’m just so used to financial providers requiring every bit of information they can get, and thought it strange that these app-only banks don’t ask for it.

It’s actually a big enough issue to prevent me using certain functionality in case others are going to see it.


Wow sounds like you really don’t like your middle name… why don’t you see if they are willing to remove it from your account completely? Then you can love Monzo even more without the worry

I tried… They won’t.


Ahhh that’s sad :pensive:

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What if you get a new passport without your middle names (this does not require a deed poll)? Would Monzo then accept that as reason to remove them from the account?

I want to do this in the future, but can’t because my UK passport has to exactly match my US passport (UK rule), and there it’s not so easy. One more point in favour of renunciation…

Not yet, I asked a while back

We have to store your full legal name and this would have been extracted from the ID you used, but we are happy to update your preferred middle name to a any derivative of your full name.

Such as just an initial letter?

Like I said, would getting a passport without middle names be sufficient for this? HMPO guidance does not require much evidence to remove them.

Clarification - you need a bank statement without them, and since most banks don’t use them that’s easy :slight_smile:

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