I hope to an extent that if they are fully customisable, a vetting process might be used if someone tries a completely different name from their legal one. So I wouldn’t for be able to change to appear as someone else e.g /thomasblomfield

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Mine has been I the app for a long time now. There is still problems with some people trying to pay me using the Apple Pay option.

There’s already the Display Name for how you wanted the name to appear on the debit card. I would hope there’s validation to prevent someone changing it to Donald Duck.

Perhaps the Display Name is what should be used everywhere your name is displayed, such as payments or contact lists etc.

Yep, it’s Government issued so our engines should take that :+1:

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Sorry… I couldn’t resist when I saw the title :smiley:



If anyone would like to try it out feel free to send some $$$ here: :slight_smile:

While a token sum is nice you might want to double-check that it really works and so feel free to send larger sums, the greater the better :wink:

I’ll see myself out :joy:

I’m confused, this has been here for months on my account. until this point has only been available for prepaid customers who upgraded to the current account, and not available for the people who have only ever had a current account :grinning:So that’s what’s changing! :grinning:

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Dude I just double checked I changed my URL about 9 weeks ago. They initially said it wasn’t possible but then I shared this post:

Having contacted support it seems I cannot choose to have my username as a four-letter abbreviation of my surname; it must be my first and last name minimum. The reason given was that :monzo: Monzo uses one’s legal name (at least first+last) “to avoid having to add loads of digits to the end in case of duplicates.”

This is a shame. My surname is more often than not misspelled by default meaning I constantly have to check folk spell it correctly, and virtually everyone I know uses the abbreviation as my nickname (including senior work colleagues). Also, now my does not match my PayPal and Pingit setup.

I would’ve thought, as Monzo grows towards its 1bn users, the constraints on using a full legal name would make duplicates in the system more common, requiring extra digits sooner, if more relaxed usernames are not introduced.

Can anyone from Monzo confirm if first+last is official policy and how you envisage this scaling in the future please? It would be somewhat annoying if the policy changed as user numbers grow, and I missed out on my preferred choice simply by being an earlier user.

Edit: I thought of an example.


While clearly malicious names should be reportable, or accounts known to be used for fraud, I disagree with the basic premise here. The right to self-identity is huge in the UK. It’s why changing the name on your passport and driving licence to almost anything you want takes just a few minutes.

If you’re going to pay money always trust the source. Don’t go be the name in a URL… That’s how phishing schemes work.


I think @daniel should be able to explain Monzo’s official line on this. I am not sure what has changed since December last year because unlike most people I am mostly known by my middle name :blush: and that’s what I was able to change to as my URL.

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The point was not about first+last vs. middle+last, it was why can I not just have a four-letter abbreviation of my surname as the username?

For example, ‘chol’ instead of ‘jamescholmondleywarner’

Understand your point hence tagged @daniel

I think Dutch bank Bunq allows you to choose @anon44204028 mentioned that.


Going to give a bit of an info dump here! for current accounts has been available for users who previously had a prepaid card for some time now. The way this worked was by redirecting funds through a closed prepaid account. The new change is that inbound funds coming through now go directly to your current account. This allows us to offer the feature to those who never had a prepaid card. :raised_hands:

The rollout isn’t complete yet, I haven’t checked what it’s currently at but it should be available to 100% of accounts in the next week or two.

As for names, there isn’t a set in stone policy but there are a few guidelines that we follow. Your URL must be a recognisable form of your preferred name (that must itself be a recognisable form of your legal name with a few exceptions).

By default, the current version of the service takes your full preferred name and checks if it is available. If not, it will by default start adding numbers.

As with names on cards, we can use initials for middle names, drop middle names, add parts of names that were missing, use common shorter versions of names, or other forms but we can’t assign anything that either isn’t a form of your legal/preferred name or allow things too close to short usernames.

As an example, take an example user with the legal name of Abigail Emily Exampleton.

In the most common flow of Monzo current account signup where they haven’t indicated otherwise, this person may have the preferred name of Abigail Exampleton and be given /abigailexampleton but if they’re known by their friends as Abi, we could later change both their preferred name and link to Abi Exampleton and /abiexampleton.

Depending on the exact context and situation, other valid links may include:
/abigailemilyexampleton (Prepaid style, uses full legal name)
/abigaileexampleton (Initial used for middle name)
/abigailemiexampleton (Shortened middle name)
/abiemiexampleton (Shortened first and middle name)
/abieexampleton (Shortened first and initialised middle name)
/emilyexampleton (Middle name used as first)
/emiexampleton (Shortened middle name as first)

Be aware that the above list is not exhaustive and it is up to support to determine if it’s allowed. We reserve the right to say no but you can always ask! :sweat_smile:

A very similar process is used for determining allowed names on your Monzo card when contacting support. This is especially relevant for longer names as we only have a limited amount of space on the card to print. We have some automated rules in place to attempt to shorten most names in the app (only by initialising or fully dropping, we don’t believe it’s appropriate to use other short forms without consent) but these don’t always work for everybody. :slightly_smiling_face:


Think I must have been confused by the discussion. Contacted support to have my middle names removed from my link (it’s quite a mouthful with two middle names :sweat_smile: ), but told it has to reflect my full legal name. Ahhh well, people will have to get used to my full stately title :man_shrugging:

I was thinking I’ve had this for over a month…

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None of my other banks send my full name across with a payment, it’s usually just initials and surname. So Monzo don’t need to send it either, particularly if some of us don’t want them to.

I couldn’t care less if companies know my full name with a payment record (although they probably don’t need it). But if i want to pay a friend or my gardener some money, I don’t need them sniggering at my middle name. It’s not necessary, it’s just a payment from a named individual.


I’ve never seen a bank not passing on the full name (at least not Nationwide, Starling, Barclays and even TransferWise).

I’ve noticed that some people’s links have a profile picture, whilst mine only has the first letter of my first name. How can I set the profile picture?

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