Bringing to Everyone

For those of you who started using Monzo prepaid cards as part of our Beta (or before!), has been available since we launched it in 2016, to fulfil all your cash-collecting, bill-splitting needs.

But for newer users who only started using Monzo with a current account, it hasn’t been available. Till now!

Everyone can now request money by sharing their personal link, without the faff of switching sort codes and account numbers. Full details on how it works here :point_down:

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Is it now possible to change the link/username? Mine is my full name which is around 1000 characters long (well, I might exaggerate slightly), and which noone ever knows. When I asked about that last year I was told this wasn’t possible.

[edit: yes, it is possible to do that :slight_smile: ]

Is there any chance of a raise on the limits for ? I’m sure you don’t want businesses using it it illegitimately but currently I’ll have to split the monthly bills into a few transactions which is a shame! Damn council tax!

This has lost me… Council tax? What’s that got to do with anything? :upside_down_face:

Are you sure?

I’d like to shorten mine too, it’s much too long at the moment!

You’ll need to contact us via the in app chat to get it changed.


thanks! will message support

I did indeed contact support, and they sorted it for me :+1:

You can change it but you can’t really…


We do have limitations when changing it, yes. Explained really well here:

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Seems pretty silly to not have this fixed and then roll out to everyone. There’s 6 Daniel White’s just at my local GP and 2 of them are Daniel James White’s.

This is quickly going to decend into ridiculously long names with multiple numbers at the end.

Well, mine isn’t my name (as that was already taken), so it doesn’t seem enforced consistently. It’s derived from my name, but not in an obvious way at all…

I just got the reply that it has to be first name and username… seems stupid tbh but there you go.

Just used it to split a bill with some colleagues and people got intrigued by my middle name :man_shrugging:, which did not impressed me as I felt :mondo: Monzo is exposing it without asking me (explicitly) and I consider that is personal information.

I’m sure there must have some hidden T&C somewhere but nonetheless I am a bit displeased and I will have second thoughts before using the service again with somebody that is not very close with me. :expressionless:


I can see the point. Otherwise, if you can register “somecompanyltd” that wouldn’t be good, and this policy is easier than having to check a blacklist of potentially 1000s of other names. Obviously it’s not ideal, but on balance it seems alright…

I don’t know: you can see the link before passing it on. It’s about as obvious as it gets. Surely, there is nothing hidden or sneaky going in there.

If you just want to remove your middle name customer service should be able to do that for you, if you ask.


Clearly there would have to be some safeguards in place but why would I want my full name on display? I’d rather something else for privacy.

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Fair enough - sort order and account number are quite private, aren’t they? :wink: (nb I share your thoughts! That’s why I don’t intend to use much, except for friends and family …)

My middle name is not there in the link, it is displayed in the email receipt sent to senders…

Oh, that’s interesting. That wasn’t the case for me: the link still had my full name, while the email receipt had my “preferred name” (if I remember correctly: it was a while ago), so the exact opposite of your experience. Maybe contact CS to change the preferred name, if you haven’t done so yet?

Email receipt?

What email address is that sent from? Is it my email stored against my Monzo account, or a Monzo email?