This week in the Monzo Office Slack: Fake Product Ideas 💡

(Richard Cook) #1

We have a Slack channel at Monzo called #product-ideas.


The stated aim of #product-ideas is to share ideas for app improvements, ideas and suggestions to make Monzo even better.

But Monzonauts being Monzonauts, we couldn’t help ourselves but think of some silly ones as well. That’s why we started another channel: #fake-product-ideas


Ideas from this channel include ‘Millennial mode’ (payments are expressed in terms of how many avocados they’re worth), a webcam to check the queue for lunch, and simply “Monzoo”.

And today, @tjvr took inspiration from our upcoming Shared Tabs for a bold new idea:


And it just went on from there:

And on…

…and on…

… and on and on…


…(we really do work very hard, promise)…

It’s very unlikely that any of these will make it into the Monzo app anytime soon. But we hope you enjoy this little peek behind the scenes of the things we think about here at Monzo HQ!

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(Matt C) #2

I’d be interested to see if any fake product ideas end up inspiring real ones!

(Tim) #3

Some of my ideas end up in both #product-ideas and #fake-product-ideas, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. I think perhaps I just have a lot of bad ones…

(Eve) #4

I love this Slack series :raised_hands:t3::fire: Please never stop doing this! (I think Shared Pats is a wonderful idea). That’s what Borrow My Doggy is for :heartbeat:

(MikeF) #5

I’d be honoured. Surely the sort of mind that can conceive ideas worthy of both categories is something to be celebrated!

(James Amey) #6

I’m still disappointed that we haven’t implemented my idea of a joint pot across all Monzo accounts that buys a flamethrower for a user at random when it reaches a target.

(Is Santa here yet?) #7

And what have you called that feature? :thinking:


Shared zaps?

(Is Santa here yet?) #9

I was hoping it was the set up to an epic name

Flaming hot pot?

I came up with ‘shared crabs’ but I don’t think i’ll expand on that idea publicly

(James Amey) #10

‘Mystery Pots’

(Richard Cook) #11

Couldn’t resist sharing this :bird: