Monzo Labs: Shared Tabs 📑


OMG, not another feature that requires payments with friends… :triumph:

(Matt C) #22

Just settled my tab and despite there being only two of us on it, it says “2 people still owe” on the request page. Surely I don’t owe because I paid for it?

(Tim) #23

I think this is a known bug :slight_smile: Should say one person still owes

(Jack) #24

Me! But the other party doesn’t have monzo :worried:

I’ll give it a try soon though.


Kudos for innovating, but surely this is a bit niche with the much more obvious and necessary upgrades to accounts that resource could be working on? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


This is GREAT! Looking forward to trying it out!

(Richard Bartlett) #27

My girlfriend and I will be using this plenty. Much more convenient than bill splitting individually every time for transactions that are 50/50!

Otherwise we lose track of who’s paid for what already.

(David I) #28

Exactly what I will be using this for. Something I didn’t know i needed until I saw the post about it being in Labs :smiley:

(Ben) #29

This is awesome. Really like this idea for our shared household stuff that doesn’t come out of our Joint Account.

Some things that would be useful - I think.

  • Assuming you can have multiple tabs at one time - being able to click the Payee tab to reveal info would be useful. As it only shows a first name - and not all contacts have pictures - could get the wrong person.
  • Would like to tap a transaction to reveal more detail - location/date/time would all be great - although I assume the date in the Tab feed is the date of the transaction not when it was added to the tab?
  • Transaction-adder should be able to remove a transaction.

One Q: do all parties of a tab have the ability to press “Settle” or just the creator?

All in all - really like this idea. Will make quite a few joint things easier.

My personal biggest frustration in Banks these days is when it’s a faff to pay people money I owe them. Not the end of the world but this makes that one thing just more smooth.

(Stuart Leader) #30

Awesome feature. I think my usage matches a lot of others: I have a joint account with my partner for bills and groceries, but anything else that is shared between us we use personal accounts and bill splitting. This would let us track shared transactions for a month, then settle when we get paid. Hopefully much easier!

  • I’d like to be able to rename a tab after creating it. It’s a bit clunky to delete it (and lose any transactions) and create another.
  • I got a notification when my partner added an item to the tab, but I can’t see anything in my feed. I was expecting to do so (perhaps dismissable?), much like I do when someone splits a bill with me. It feels a little inconsistent.
  • I was expecting to be able to add a transaction to a tab from the transaction details page. I can split the bill from there, so why not add to tab? It again feels clunky to have to go through payments -> request -> tabs -> add.
  • I don’t think Payments -> Request is the right place for this feature. I was struggling to find it when I turned it on in labs and had to look it up. For me, a tab is as much about ‘sending’ money as it is ‘requesting’.
  • It would be nice to have flexibility to do non-happy path actions, so as well as renaming tabs, maybe I’d want to add a participant after a tab is created. As others have mentioned, perhaps I’d want finer grained control over how a tab is split.
  • After exploring a tab, I found (accidentally) that swiping a transaction to the side removes it. As it was an accident, ideally I’d have wanted a confirmation request before doing so, but now the deed is done, I want an undo action. I can’t see either. It wasn’t even my transaction I accidentally removed, so I wonder if my partner got a notification that I’d (sneakily) removed her transaction. I obviously can’t re-add it myself, because it’s not my transaction to do so. Should all participants be able to remove any transactions, or just the participant who added it?

Hope that helps!

Edit: Also, non-Monzo participation support would be great!

(connorianreilly) #31

Amazing idea looking forward to testing soon. :slight_smile:

  • Definitely need to be able to split in a way/portion other than 50/50
  • Say 10 people go on holiday and you’re all in a tab together. If 6 of you go off and do something different for the day (shopping/waterpark/golf or something that doesn’t involve the whole party of 10). If you get a taxi, you want to be able to add that fare only to the tab of 6. Monzo does it’s magic and works out who owes who what at the end…

p.s. this may be a feature already as I haven’t used it yet. It comes to mind after a recent group holiday!


Any info on how this works? Once a tab has been created can everyone add transactions to it? How does that work in the app?

(Andy) #33

Can someone share any screenshots of what this looks like? :smiley:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #34

Here you add transactions and it is split equally between everyone.

(Tim) #35

We have other teams working on making our current account even better! :blush:


This looks v neat

Can each person on the tab add transactions to the tab or do they all have to come from one account?

(Is Santa here yet?) #37

Nope, you can all add

(Tim) #38

For those of you who’ve mentioned changing the split, what best describes your use case? (If you want both; which is most important?)

  • Split a payment equally between people, but not everyone in the tab (e.g. 7 out of 10 of us had dinner)
  • Unevenly split a payment, between everyone in the tab (e.g. split the rent 40/60)

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(Tony) #40

I was just thinking – in the context of a group holiday, you could create a shared tab for the whole holiday but during the day the group may split off as one sub-group go off walking up the mountains and another go to the beach.

To tackle this, when you add a new “item” to the tab, perhaps you could specify who this relates to, i.e. you can state it’s for all people in the tab, or you can select individuals. So if I buy ice creams for the folks at the beach, I can select only those people who benefitted. IYSWIM.