What's next for the new look Monzo app? We'll be making improvements using your feedback

Thanks for the reply. I noted the speed issues mentioned in the blog post but just thought I should check you’d got feedback about the backgrounds updating rather than updating in-app. What’s odd about it all is that the notifications (and spending warnings) always come through immediately!

Anyway, keep up the great work.


My app still looks the same, no new look for everyone yet?

+1 on the budgeting work; it really really needs to be done (despite being very complex and nuanced).


I did not know this! One tap is all it takes, yay!


Then, we’ll make Pots easier to manage.

I totally get the “out of sight, out of mind” approach to savings, but I hope that won’t adversely affect users who use pots daily, or more regularly.

Personally, I do both, with savings pots I’d like tucked away for a rainy day and Bills Pots I use more frequently.

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There’s a dedicated thread to that topic, with some more details here: Monzo Labs: Ordering Accounts (now) and Pots (soon!)

In short, the main changes we’re proposing are:

  • being able to order your pots however you’d like within each account
  • being able to put your joint account (and its pots) before your personal account (now in Monzo Labs)
  • being able to optionally hide pots that you don’t want to see every day.

I don’t think this approach will negatively impact the more day-to-day Pots use cases, or things like Bills Pots.

Hope this helps! :hot_coral_heart:


Please can we have last Friday of every month as an option for my budgeting period?

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Great work :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing these soon :slight_smile:

If you don’t use Summary and budgets, the estimated ‘Left to Spend’ budget on the home screen can be confusing or annoying.

I fall into this category, in that I don’t use summary and I find “left to spend” slightly confusing, but I would be sad to see it go altogether. I would prefer “x days until payday” or ideally, “x left per day until payday”, but based on my balance rather than summary.

The red, amber, green helps me stay on track even though I don’t actively use summary or budgets.

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This is so exciting. I’m hoping this is the first step in making joint accounts at feature parity for users :hugs:

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I think we should have the option turn off the ‘how much left’ bar


Any idea when the weekly budgeting tools will be live?

The weekly budget looks good but I really miss the pulse graph. That was how I budgeted my money and the best feature of Monzo, please bring it back- even if it’s opt in!

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This all looks great!

1 thing I am a little annoyed about is I pay £5 a month to have a business account with you guys and yet I am still stuck on the old version of the app because of this.

If anything I would have thought the people that are paying to have a monzo account woild get to see these changes first :frowning:

We don’t even seem to be getting updates as to when we will actually get the updated app which is frustrating. When I asked support (a while ago) I got mixed and some uninformed responses like, have you tried deleting your app and reinstalling it. A little frustrating…

Frustrating for you. I think the fee is for having a business account though. Not a version of a Monzo Plus account.

Although, having said that, the new version isn’t that special. It’s certainly not worth spending money for.

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It is indeed for having a business account which I understand but honestly, I haven’t personally seen many public updates from monzo with what they are doing with the business accounts to push them forward however they have publicized there new navigation on multiple occasions.

Does make me think what’s the point in paying the £5 when I could get my business account somewhere else for free.

I saw some discussion elsewhere about that. I don’t recall anyone coming up with a good reason. I know what I’d do.

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Just irritating. I’ve supported monzo from the start and would like to continue to. I don’t mind paying them a fiver a month as part of that support. Just a bit annoyed by their growing pains I guess. Seems like when they didn’t win that business banking grant they dropping business banking and didn’t tell anyone. Would be nice to have some regular public updates to prove otherwise.

The last banking update @jackcully did on the forums was way back in August :cry:.

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When they started business accounts they said the speed was determined if they got the money or not. They’ve said they are slowing it down. There’s a very clear road map and other business team people have been asking for input

I’m not exactly sure what your complaint is

You can probably gauge my complaint by reading my comments above but just to reiterate for you. My main concern is paying £5 a month and getting no updates on the progress of business accounts and now being last to receive app updates and improvements. If they are slowing it down then why not remove the fee? What am I really paying for?