🔜 Pots - Sort Order

Being able to change the order of how savings pots appear in my app would be fantastic! :+1:

I’m actually disappointed that this isn’t something that can be done already - it’s such an intuitive thing to want to do that you’d have thought that the Monzo boffins would have been all over this since the beginning?!

Hopefully this added function wish will become reality sooner rather than later! :ok_hand:

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This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:


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Would really like this also…when you have a number of pots it would be fantastic to be able to sort the pots in an order that you want to see - I guess the Monzo techs are busy with something else at present to give this any development.

It’s been a while, and I still really, really want this to be a thing.

Not as a paid feature though. (Sorry, I had to. :crazy_face:)


Why aren’t you just prefixing with ISO dates and then everything would be in order?

Added bonus: you’re using ISO dates.

v3.3.1 just landed (:android:) no pots reorder function visible yet :soon::cry:

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There is demand! :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t forget you’re only seeing data from a handful of customers here on the forum :slight_smile:

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Indeed, and it’s been noted :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s been a while since Tom’s tweet about pot reordering, is there any update?

I have a feeling it’ll be announced at the November event.

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Let’s hope so - I believe it’s such a fundamental part of the Monzo platform.
Most financial web sites that show share prices within a portfolio have sort functionality and I guess pots within Monzo look a bit like that.

I guess patience is a virtue :roll_eyes:

Agreed! I want to be able to sort based on priority

Have you read Monzos latest announcement?

You’ve done it again team!

Official - Pots Re-Ordering is coming, and the huge amount of votes on here definitely helped :grinning:

Shoutout to all of you who made your votes count :slight_smile:


Fantastic! I’ve set up savings pots to earn interest, meanwhile the pay from pots features will now all pay from one expenses pot which at the moment is right at the bottom of the list of pots. I need it at the top for a quick glance at whether I have enough for upcoming expenses before moving more into savings.

Great news ! Looking forward to testing this out -Thanks Monzo :+1::+1:

Is that also adding the ability to hide pots too? (the eye icon to the left) :thinking: - exciting! :partying_face:


Let’s keep the discussion of the new features in the Monzo Labs thread where it’s being introduced: