Pots - Sort Order

(Dan) #1

Hi team,

First of all, thanks for everything you’re doing with Monzo, it’s fantastic! :+1:

I’d find it really useful if I could sort / drag Pots into a custom order in the Monzo app (iOS user). At the moment I don’t think that’s possible, right?

I have 12 pots in my account at the moment - each one has a title of something like “Car Insurance 01/05/18”, “Holiday 24/08/18”, etc. I treat each pot like a sort of deadline for me to save money by if that makes sense? I’d love it if I could create another pot, such as “Kitchen Fund 01/02/18”, and be able to drag that to the start of the list of pots (so it’s in chronological order).

At the moment, I lose track of when I need to have saved all of the money for each pot when they’re in a random order.

Again, really appreciate the hard work you guys are putting into Monzo.

Many thanks :blush:


Name them “2018/02/01 Kitchen”, " 2018/05/01 Car Ins", “2018/08/24 Holiday” and they would sort OK

(Simon B) #3

Thanks Dan - feedback has been noted. We don’t have any immediate plans to enable re-ordering of Pots. Our data shows that most people don’t have enough Pots for this to be an issue. It’s possible we could do this in the future if there’s more demand :slight_smile:

(Dan) #4

Thanks Richard. I just tried this however the sort order stays the same for me on iOS.

(Dan) #5

Cheers Simon. I suspected this might be a very small use case. It’s no biggie, just a little niggle that’s all :+1:

(Jonathan Savage) #6

Is there any plan for the pots to be set out like they are on iOS? The Android layout is less slick and a bit messy. Doesn’t fit in with the rest of the app or feel of Monzo yet.


I prefer vertical scrolling :woman_shrugging:


it is probably sorting by date you create them. If you could add a ‘target’ date for every pot and sort by that date instead of name, that would sort out the problem, though sorting by name would be good too, as creation date is the least useful.

(Dan) #9

Yeah it definitely sorts by creation date. Sorting by target date would be extremely useful in my case :+1:

(Henry Dennis) #10

It could also be that people aren’t creating many pots because they can’t order them. :smiling_imp: Once automation comes to pots, people will use them more. Following on from that. Some users would want to put a scheduled savings pot towards the end of the list, whereas a bills pot would be at the beginning. :grin:

(Jonathan Savage) #11

I didn’t say I don’t like vertical scrolling. But on iOS the app looks so much better. Neat cards with options below. They could use option selection like on Pinterest when you press on a card.

(Andrew) #12

I support this suggestion as well. I do not have many pots, but when I create a new one I would like to be able to choose where it is place, as opposed to it going to the back.

(Terry) #13

I would also like to be able to reorder my pots :slight_smile:

(Emily Gibbons) #14

This would be so useful! I have ten pots (would like another five, but that’s another discussion), and some of the most important ones are at the bottom…

(James Wilson) #15

This would be great, I I like my holidays to be at the end and my fuel and most used pots to be at the beginning. If I could switch them around this world be great. :wink:

(Dan Bennett) #16

Yes to vertical scrolling of pots. A list rather than the huge screen they take up now would probably work best for multiple pots.

(Andrew Raynes) #17

Would love this! Also handy if we can upload our own pictures for pots.


I would also like to reorder the pots. :blush:

(David Martin) #19

Seems like a mini-grid of pots would be useful as well. Being able to see all, or more than 2 pots at a time, would make working with them a fair bit easier.

I’m a big fan of pots in principle. But they are a little unwieldy at the moment and, without the ability assign DDs/SOs to each individually, a just short of being really useful.

(S) #20

Reordering pots and being able to add own images would be a big improvement! Hopefully this eventually gets added!