Monzo Labs: Ordering Accounts and Pots

Sounds like a good starting place for sure, I’d welcome this heartily!

Spot on!

1 How do you get a hidden pot back?
2 Can pots be moved between personal and joint?

Keep up the good work :+1:

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Interesting, personally I feel like it’d be better to have the hidden from the horizontal list but faded out and visible in the vertical list (maybe with a quick option to unhide from here too). Can imagine a lot of people will get confused and forget they have hidden pots and then complain the full total is incorrect!


Hmm, I think Hidden should mean that, regardless of view. But I use vertical more than horizontal (can’t be bothered with all that scrolling left to right)


In my mind that only adds to my reasoning! with less pots visible horizontally people are more likely to swipe to see their pots and then the vertical view is for an absolute full account breakdown

Will be a tricky one to balance.

For me the ‘friction’ of completely hiding a pot is the goal. If it’s not, it’s less than useful for me.

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Yeah thats fair, for me its more of a case of making ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ pots rather than hiding them completely to add friction (ala locked pots). I guess I think that should be the job of locking them (adding friction) and hiding should be a usability thing rather.


This sounds good to me - I was just looking through my pot to see what I’d hide - and basically is likely only my Emergency Fund at this point, or basically pots with Savings goals that aren’t actively utilised (in my scenario anyway)

I guess it depends how hiding works - can you still functionally select the pot for all pot type actions (Transfers, Bills, etc?) or is it completely hidden.

What am I wanting to achieve by hiding it? I think that would mean it’s not a fund I actively want to focus on - so I think I’d still want to be able to see it’s value in statements/account summary page.

Either way, I’d still want to see the value of all hidden pots some where in the app.

On another thought about Pots - another thing that would be really beneficial I think is looking at how pot to account movements show on a statement.

Last Month I moved some money from my “generic cash pot” into my balance, and back out to my “AMEX Bills Pot”, which then transferred back when the DD was taken.

That makes my incoming and outgoing money look artificially high. I’d quite like to avoid that if possible.

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  1. You’ll be able to get a hidden pot back by returning to the ordering/hiding flow, and tapping on the pot you want to un-hide

  2. You won’t be able to move Pots between accounts, that opens a world of weird permissions, ownership, and trust issues.


I have one pot I very very much want to hide (from my partner as I’m saving to get her something very special!)


I think it would be more useful to be able to select the type of hide you want. Personally I always use the vertical list but I would like to hide the pots from the horizontal list. A couple of ideas:

  1. A toggle option “Hide pots from Horizontal view” that applies to all pots.
  2. Something within the new pot re-ordering page that allows you to long press or select the type of hide you wish to apply to the pot e.g. vertical / horizontal / both. The icon could change depending on the option selected maybe using arrows to show what option is selected → / ↑ and an eye with a line through it for both.

I’d imagine the first iteration of this will be a simple ‘hide’ which impacts both lists.

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@Jami Great feature! On the same lines as hiding pots, can we also have the ability to hide/tidy some transactions in the feed. I do the 1p a day saving challenge (IFTTT) and having that on my feed every day just seems unnecessary. Am I alone in thinking this?!


This is a super cute reason for us to build this, so far we were mostly just thinking about the ‘save me from dipping into my savings’ case.



Would these be the same issues that would stop the ability of moving money into a JA pot, from my own current account? Currently I have to move money from my account into the JA, and then into the JA pot.

No you’re super cute!! :wink: