Monzo Labs - Compact Accounts

Anyone else got this option in labs on iOS have enabled it but can’t see anything that’s changed


Yup, this is showing for me too…


Being the image and the Upgrade button?

No show on Android :slightly_frowning_face:

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Seeing it here too. Turning it on made the “new feature” pop up appear under my current account but the tap for more info button does nothing. Wonder if someone misplaced a permission value.

Maybe staff have a few more things there than we get to see that get in the way?


No it’s different to that, that one is still there.

I turned it on but it doesn’t seem to do anything unless I’m missing it.

Interesting to see the (staff) part - wonder if someone accidentally set the toggle when feature flagging it


Header definitely needs to be shorter - and to encompass a net worth figure!

Edit: option not here on Android

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Yep showing for me too

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Not here on :android: either - but iOS has been updated to 4.42.0 today, whereas :android: is still at 4.41.0 so far.

Out of curiosity, just checked the latest feature flags and yup, there it is:

    <boolean name="accounts_list_compact_header_enabled" value="false" />

There are a few other changes too, mainly relating to Oaknorth savings. Then there’s:

    <boolean name="external_account_subscriptions" value="true" />



What are we talking about?

I can’t see it maybe I’m being dumb

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I don’t have it as an option on iOS


Fake staff account on Monzo Community alert! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Are we talking about the (staff) thing? :sob:

Someone help me out

Yeah - the ‘Compact Accounts List Header’ feature, which has obvs been made available for staff testing, but seems to have shown up in-app for non-staff at this stage.

Flag removal in 3… 2…


Was there ever a feature flag to make the Accounts list a tab or appear instead of the feed? I’ve got to the point I can’t remember if I was wishing it into existence or if I saw it in a teardown. :man_facepalming:

I see it too, on iOS. Shame it’s not “disable_the_bloody_card_carousel” though.


I think I’m now of the opinion that the app needs a bit of a root and branch redesign. Features aren’t easily discoverable, the main accounts menu being a pull gesture is, well, odd, and the Plus tab is lazy and weird.

And the card metaphor doesn’t help trying to get Monzo seen as a current account. And don’t get me started on the dodgy (and wrong) hierarchy between user/Monzo account/pots and connected cards.


A thousand times yes.


There’s one in the app which eludes to something similar (introduced a good few versions ago), but hasn’t yet been enabled:

<boolean name="overview_as_home_enabled" value="false" />

To me, this suggests tapping on ‘Home’ takes you to the account list/overview, rather than cycling through the cards & connected accounts in the carousel.


Think I’m going to name my first born Boolean at this rate.


I’ve got this in labs. Doesn’t seem to do much when enabled :frowning_face:

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