New app version only showing joint account

Anyone know the correct process for bug announcements while testing new Monzo app version. I am unable to switch to my personal account

Hold down at the bottom where the tabs are, should bring up the account switcher.

iOS or Android?

On Android you click ‘View all’ in top left then you can click ‘switch account’

Seems really weird to put it there… should at least be forcetouch on the profile image if anything.

Ahhh thank you - how will everyday users work this out ???

I am no Einstein but this new version is not very user friendly in my opinion

The option has always been there but now they removed the functionality at the top will be fun :wink:

I think Monzo are going to confuse and possibly put off users if they make things tricky.

Simplicity is what made Monzo so popular

Oh, I signed up to test but there’s been no change in my app…gutted :cry:

It’s still unfinished so lots of things are still to change, we’re testing bleeding edge versions at the moment :sunglasses:

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@Chamz Android or iOS; and which version are you currently using?

Android version 9, I signed up last Friday or Saturday as I saw the thread late but still hoped to be part of the trial app

They’re adding people from the list in batches. I’m sure you’ll be added soon :soon:

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Not sure if the beta app is out yet on Android, but I may be wrong? Are you signed up to the beta app versions?

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No, well I don’t think so…I clicked the link on the thread (this forum) which then asked for my email address

Woke up this Morning to the new app, I was sooooo happy :ok_hand:t6::raised_hands:t6::grin::grin::grin:
Now if I get chosen to trial Monzo Points too I will be bloody ecstatic

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