More love to Android app

(Alberto Lietor Santos) #1

I joined Monzo a couple of days ago and I am really enjoying it, but I found out the Android app is not receiving enough love :confused:
Everytime I have a feature idea I search here first to check if someone else has proposed it and 100% of the time I discover the iOS app has the functionality.
Things like spending graphs, targets or flag suspicious transaction are on iOS and some of them are not even new stuff, it has been there more than a year ago.

Pretty please try to give some push to the Android app, after all Android phones only cover 85% of the market :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rika Raybould) #2

Owning both Android and iOS devices, I understand the frustration. I’m sort of looking at a move to Android first and Monzo is a key app I need to be up to parity!

I hear regularly that the Android team are working to bring the most important features over to the Android app before the less useful ones. For example, search was just added to the beta channel along with some internal changes to notifications and a new limits page to match the iOS app. There’s also Android Pay for in the pipeline.
Android Pay on

As it stands today, the Android team are still rapidly catching up to the more than one year head start that the iOS team had, especially as Monzo start making moves to begin internally rolling out current accounts. I’m sure there would be riots in the community if current accounts didn’t roll out to the public on both platforms at the same time! :grimacing:

Let the team know if there are specific features you feel should be bumped up the list though, they do listen!

Just try not to ignite platform wars with numbers like that. We’re working towards parity here. :wink:

(Alberto Lietor Santos) #3

Thanks for the anwser, I am pretty sure they are doing the best they can to catch up.

Hahaha it is not my intention to begin a flame war about platforms, I only used it to remark that it is a big market and probably a lot of people are checking monzo on an Android phone.

I guess the fully bank process is taking a good amount of resources :smile:

(Marta) #4

You are right regarding functionality disparity, but Android is overall a better app. I had a chance to compare ios and android side by side recently. I know that both system have their own design guidelines to keep things consistent, but Android app had much better feel to it, more spacious and more intuitive.
It’s a subjective opinion of course, but it made me appreciate android app a lot more and be a bit less butthurt about missing functionalities. :smiley:

If you don’t mind bugs every now and then, but you want updates a little bit earlier, you can sign up for beta Monzo app

(Alberto Lietor Santos) #5

Signed! Give updates! Moar moar moar