Monzo Labs: Export your data 📁

Hi everyone,

We’ve added a new feature for testing to Monzo Labs. It’s a way for you to download your own data from Monzo. When you request an export we’ll create a ZIP file with all of your data and email it to you.

At the moment you can export:

  • Your bank statement
  • Your Monzo Chat log
  • Your overdraft credit agreement
  • Your SMS log (the texts we’ve sent you).

And we’re hoping to add other things too, like your IDV docs and profile information.

Note: This is only on iOS at the moment. But we’re working to add it to Android too asap.

Why is this in Labs?

We built this quickly and want to get real world feedback on it as soon as possible. It’s still a work in progress and a little rough around the edges.

What kind of feedback are we after?

We want to know if you find this useful, and whether it’s working for you. What other kinds of details would you like to export? And is there anything confusing about the in-app flows or the way we send you your data?

Thanks for helping us test this out!


Just seen this feature showing up in labs but haven’t heard anything about it. Anyone know about this? Can’t see how to use it once enabled :face_with_monocle:

I’ve flagged it up, I guess it’s been enabled by mistake but it’ll likely ensure GDPR compliance by allowing a self service download of data held by Monzo

Edit: I have a feed item which allows me to request a download of data. Apparently it was mentioned on slack it would be added soon so I guess someone’s forgotten to publish the forum thread for it

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Once enabled tap on the new feed item. As @glasgow said it allows you to download all your data from Monzo quickly.
Currently it’s very bare bones with what it provides but that’s going to expand as time goes on.
It was only enabled in labs yesterday so I suspect a blog post will arrive in the coming days.

Yep Daniel told us about it in slack last night


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Just tried it on my account I get a list of transactions, credit agreement for when I was offered an overdraft which I don’t actually use then I have a list of messages for when security verification codes were sent When setting up Apple Pay. I do like the idea of being able to obtain everything in a single zip file( exports are valid for 7 days before they are no longer avtfor download)

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As usual then, this doesn’t work with joint accounts :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My joint account statement appears for me in my download

I see it now in my personal account, but nothing shows up in the joint account feed.

Yeah feed items never show up in JA account. I’d like to see Monzo get rid of feed items and create a unified mailbox which pulls all “admin” type things in to it


It includes all of your data, which includes joint accounts. It only goes back a few months at the moment but they will iterate it.

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Superb idea :+1:


Just tried it out of interest. I get the email confirmation but the email itself seems to hang attempting to display. Just me?


Even though it’s toggled on, I can’t get the facIlty to launch. If it should launch from the feed, I’m not seeing it,

Any thoughts, anyone?

Hi all, I’ve just merged the posts in the previous thread to this Labs thread we’ve just created.

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For anybody who really wants to access this on Android :wink: There’s a way :eyes:


It’s not seamless (I can get the link to work on Slack but not on the forum :sweat_smile:)

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Sadly I’m not getting this in Monzo labs because I’m on android. I was able to request an export through a monzo:// link, though.

My initial feedback is that the intercom messages should also be exported, along with monzo chat!


I’ve noticed that not all of my Monzo chat’s have appeared in my export either.

My SMS history seems a little short too only dating back to August

All looks good and accurate for me, It would be great to see alternative designs for when there is no data for chat logs?

Also the transaction script is really lengthy (of course) but maybe there could be a way to break it up a bit, maybe table headers for years and months so users could extract a monthly statement easier. Another alternative could be to ask for a statement period with the data request say last month, last two months, last year or all time.

Functionality is great though easy to get the data, now sure where it should be permanently housed though?

Be nice to get the data in csv format as well as the nicely formatted html.

I’d also suggest a different name for the file as got lost in my (admittedly messy) downloads folder.

Other than that worked well.


Interesting file.

Statements for me only go as far back as the start of my Current Account beta opening and no prepaid information.

Only my most recent chat history.

Missing more information I’m sure Monzo hold on us like tax residency, prepaid and pot records, payment details etc.

A good start though Monzo!

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