Monzo is slacking

When I first joined Monzo I felt it was cutting edge and ahead of the curve. But as more high street banks embrace the digital age, I now wonder what it offers different. Here’s what I would like to see…

  1. Ability to deposit cash via PayPoint, Cash Machine or Monzo stores in large cities.
  2. A redesign of the UI is required, in my opinion it’s lacking behind the likes of Revolut
  3. Removal of the golden tickets, they’re no longer needed.
  4. Tidy up of the overall UI structure

In regards to features Monzo is great and I love the level of support. But I think some time is required to bring the UI inlibe with other contentendrs and fix the cash problem.


“Monzo is slacking”?

This take is so hot my keyboard just melted.


To follow on from @Hatticus

The account section was done recently and if you check your latest Making Monzo email you will see another section will be improved very soon.

They are. I believe they are trialing incentives to use these.

See answer to previous UI question.

To conclude, if you use the search functionality and do a little research you will find that all of this is pretty much done and there is more to come :slight_smile:


not sure I would hold Revolut up as an example of advanced UI



There’s a few experiments going on with these so they still have some use, even if they’re not the hot tickets they used to be. :wink:

I’m not sure a total redesign is necessary but our design team are working their way around the app, starting with the payments screen. :slightly_smiling_face:


Contacts and Pots need some serious work in my opinion. Starling provide a much better interface for both of these features


I find the Monzo interface very random. It isn’t intuitive at all. Who would think in order to turn fingerprint authentication on you need to go via your profile?


I agree with the point about golden tickets. My payment screen is pretty busy because of multiple ways to invite friends20181114_125103

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How do you have 3? :sweat_smile:

I only had 2 friends who wanted to sign up when a golden ticket was required. Any of my friends or family who signed up now just do it directly through the app. The golden tickets are pointless (as far as I’m aware) so there is no reason they should be cluttering up the payment tab.


How about the function to export statements being in two different places (in the iOS app, at least)? On the account info page you can export them as PDF only, but at the bottom of the Summary tab (!) you can export them as PDFs or CSV/QIF.

The app doesn’t need a full redesign, but it certainly needs a good tidy up.


Totally agree.

Indeed. This a good point :+1:


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It will be interesting to see how the invite friends works in the future. Personally I feel unless you incentivise it, what’s the benefit for the user? Most my family and friends are on Monzo already too.

With regards to design, I think the feedback below says it all. The app as very little flow, a tidy up is required and the UI isn’t what users want anymore.

Account section redesigned? :open_mouth::thinking: Didn’t notice a difference as an iOS user, it’s still dog ugly.

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Agreed about the UI needing an overhaul.