Cash Deposits. - Any update?


Is there any update at present on options for cash deposits?, as I do make regular deposits.

That’s the one area I really struggle with my Monzo account as the moment, and at times has made me consider switching out. However, following
a really negative experience at Starling, and my legacy bank closing branches left right and centre to move to online and app based, has made me realise how much I really love it here and how fantastic Monzo really is! I’ve never known a bank so helpful, caring and considerate to all of its customer sectors and my experiences elsewhere has really shown me where Monzo is excelling and others are severely lacking.

Therefore, if a workaround for cash deposits could be found, Monzo would be absolutely perfect in everyway for me :slight_smile: .

Hi @anon12300088

This was the latest update I’ve come across:

A thread with a form to gather info on how people deposit cash. The form has since closed and they are going through the information. The thread may be worth a read.

I heard they are looking to put in place by the end of the year.


I was wondering if there’s any update on this yet too please?

No further updates. Monzo are still working on it.

Thanks, appreciate the response, especially at this hour :sleeping:

any news on the cash deposits? it’s christmas soon :slightly_smiling_face: and monzo is my main bank account so there is no other way for me to put the money in

I beilive in a recent making monzo email it said they will have something to test soon.
This is what it states in the apps sneak peak section:



Cash deposits are now live: You can now pay cash into your Monzo account!