More Helpful PayPoint Screen 💷

Let’s talk PayPoint and its ease of use :money_mouth_face:

Here’s some back story with some of my existing thoughts on depositing cash with Monzo :slight_smile:

Back Story

I’ve already discussed my thoughts on using PayPoint over in the main feedback thread:

And what I think of the fee on the same thread:

This post is about the feedback on wording in the following screenshot :eyes:

I love Monzo’s wording 99.999% of the time but I think this screen (see bottom of post) is lacking :see_no_evil: Let me preface this with; if you’ve read the blog post & are an active member of the forum and/or Slack then you know everything there is to know about PayPoint & cash deposits :smiley: but I think that for the benefit of the other 1.1million Monzo customers that this screen could do with some improvement :wink:

So I mentioned, over in the main feedback thread, that it’s vital that your Monzo card is swiped not inserted into the PayPoint terminal :slight_smile: I think that this should be outlined in this info page.

I also think that your limits should be highlighted in here :eyes: I realised that nowhere in the app shows any information about the £300 limit per deposit… I can see in my limits page that my maximum deposit amount over 180 days is £1000 but a link to the limits page should be included inline somewhere OR as a “Help ?” at the top right (opposite “Cash” in the screenshot) so that it’s easy to spot your remaining cash deposit amount. :smile:

To summarise, I think the “Depositing Cash” page would be far more helpful for customers if Monzo added the swiping advice and a sentence or two on deposit limits :blush: Then it’d be perfect :hot_coral_heart:


Hands up if you think this page :point_up: is clear / detailed enough :raised_hands:

  • This is plenty clear :100:
  • This could do with some tweaking :thinking_face:

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Some good points raised all of which I think are fair and sensible improvements. At first I thought the screen was clear until I read your comments further down and would probably have changed my answer if Id read that first.

Edit: this has now been done :slight_smile:

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I’d say that it’s not nessasary to bog the end user down with how the staff should use the Paypoint machine, they will pick this up in time (hopefully). By adding “swipe” where are they supposed to be swiping it? On the card machine attached to the till or the one built into the screen, I imagine it varies a bit.

All limits are displayed in the same area in app.
If you add them to this screen then should this be applied to the bank transfer screen amongst others?


I should be much clearer the charges involved imo.

True :wink:

Ok then, good point :slight_smile: I think instead of what I suggested with the overall limits that Monzo should at least include a single sentence stating the £5 minimum & £300 maximum deposit (in one go) :grin:


I would like to see the paypoint logo in the feed and instructions to state the cahier should swipe the card. All good apart from that