Monzo in the media

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do people not proof read anymore

  • And it’s worth nothing that Monzo is already in the process of developing further features for its business customers following feedback from early adopters, including the option to manage more than one business, make batch payments and to send and receive money abroad.

joking aside its good to see business accounts starting to be pushed by Monzo


Nope. Spell chuck doesn’t pick it up because it’s still a word, so it goes unnoticed.


Proofreading is noth important these days.


When Blomfield and Boden later parted ways, she says he took 11 Starling employees out of 12 with him to start Monzo, and Passion Capital invested.

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Is she counting herself in that? So she was the only one left?

Obviously if a new business forms from an existing, there will be people that jump ship for whatever reason, but 11 out of 12 is very high!

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I seem to remember hearing that “Bank Eleven” was actually bandied about as a possible early name :joy:


They didn’t part ways. Tom was apparently fired.

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I’d like to hear more about this. I’ve only ever heard he left.

Was it more a

“I’m quitting to start my own company?”

“You can’t quit because I’m firing you!”


Tom skips away with a significant number of staff.


Monzo mentioned in a Financial Times article about Wirecard.

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Seeing as we are not meant to share chunks from newspapers, four main points, in my own words, related to Monzo from my reading of it:

  • Figures are from 2017
  • Wirecard generated almost all their income in 2017 from several dozen of their supposed hundreds of thousands of customers
  • Monzo was one of that income generating group
  • Monzo is no longer using Wirecard (again the data was from 2017, back in prepaid days)

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