Monzo Savings Pots


Had a savings pot since they came out! Works great so far… just wondering when Monzo plan on adding some more account options to the list?

Maybe a questions for a Monzo staff member but I think we definatly need more of a choice :slight_smile:


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Can be assumed they’re working on it, as this would all fall under creating a marketplace, but no dates for when are known yet.

So one of those things that will be ready when its ready, and I’m sure there will be plenty of push when more partnerships are introduced so you’re not likely to miss the news.

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Agreed, now they have a blueprint of a working example I think it will make adding more options easier.

They can learn whats working well and whats not been received too well (24hr wait) and use this for other partnership negotiations :slight_smile:

@HoldenCarver Basically got it in one IMO. I imagine it will start with a small selection which then naturally grows into the marketplace concept.
Monzo have always said more will come, it’s just a question of when. I imagine it wouldn’t be too long until we had something else now that the initial concept has been pushed.

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I think a stocks and shares pot would be a really nice idea.

That is the form of my lifetime isa (saving for a deposit at the moment)


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