My thoughts on Monzo

Hello all. I just (for some reason) wanted to pen my thoughts on Monzo as a full Monzo customer.
I joined in October last year and went full Monzo the very next month. My wife and I are both retired and probably not the target demographic for the bank. However,although there has been the odd hiccup along the way,overall it’s been a breath of fresh air and in my opinion Monzo have been transparent and innovative. Sure they need to sort out customer response times etc but the recent unfavourable media coverage has,in my opinion been largely (but not wholly)hyped and to a degree blown out of proportion. As far as the now infamous Watchdog programme goes I do think that someone should have gone on air to defend our bank. But really it’s a case of dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t.
So I for one will be staying with Monzo for as long as they’ll have me and my wife and I await further innovations that legacy banks are starting to wake up to.

Just keep your heads down Monzo and continue what you’re doing.

You really cut the crap out out of banking !


I am sure that Monzo would be delighted to add you to their demographic! :slight_smile: Only so many millennials to go around, and they’re probably pretty engaged already


Thanks ! ( I think) :smirk:


I vote this for the new Monzo tagline!


Our aim is to make money work for everyone.

So on that basis - everyone is our demographic! :blush:

Thank you for sharing @Paddiewack!


Well you’re treading the correct path ! :+1::wave:

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