Daily Mail journo tries out Monzo

(Bob) #1

Money journo can’t get to grips with Monzo:


Noooooo! Not the daily mail!

(Bob) #3

Yeah I know, but it’s good for a laugh :slight_smile:

(Herp Derp) #4

Well I just read it and the guy is a moron, not Mondo’s fault he doesn’t get it.


Come on, Daily Mail readers are the last group you’d expect to want Monzo - and that idiot is playing to his readership.

(Tom ) #7

Ugh. I broke my “No Daily Fail” rule to read that. Wish I hadnt.

The product is great


Drones and community meet ups “are a worry”

F*** YOU!!!

(Nathan Voller) #8

Millenials millenials millenials (insert insults here). Monzo is great but didn’t work at Morrisons so it’s actually not. A perfect bank is too good to be true anyway, and we’re making too much “buzz”! Plus he doesn’t like drones, so he can he really be trusted? :wink:

(Gareth) #9

After the initial fluff, I don’t think it was that bad an article (not a DM fan, honest!). Not everyone is excited about social features, there was always a worry about the initial top-up (will that be required for current accounts I wonder), and the card not working sometimes is a bug we accept while it remains in beta. If overdrafts don’t keep Monzo in profit, what will be charged next?

(Rika Raybould) #10

I wasn’t aware that drones were particularly a Monzo thing outside of @simon’s FPV quadcopter racing hobby and card delivery hackathon project from over a year ago. :thinking:


Every current account needs topping up. Ultimately from a third party (salary, wages, pension). So yes, your Monzo Current Account will need topping up :wink:

(Gareth) #12

Haha :joy:

You know I mean to initially open the account.

£100 to open a standard bank account is a lot, regardless of whether you can go and spend the money immediately. I remember my bank asked for a quid.


It meant that only people who were serious would go ahead - otherwise they could have been clogged up with loads of people taking cards and never using them.


I would imagine it would be free, however I could be wrong. Most high street banks still only ask for a pound, so think will would suit as well. Can’t see it being £100, but who knows.

For existing account holders, I’d assume no charge just a straight transfer.

(Bob) #15

Issue of current accounts will most likely be throttled for logistical reasons, at least for the first year. Even after all prepay accounts have moved over I imagine that there will still be quite a waiting list for current accounts. For the same reason as prepay, I’d imagine that current accounts will require an initial top-up of £100, at least for those who apply after prepay cards are discontinued.

You can’t do much with £1 these days, it’s just a hook to suck you in. I don’t see Monzo needing that :wink:

(Bruce) #17

I think it’s an excellent review considering the audience. Current accounts with wider acceptance can’t come quick enough though, the monzo momentum is in fine form but can be slowed by too many early reviewers not really accepting it’s a beta program


The actual review seemed reasonable - it’s a shame the other 95% was just moaning about young people.

(Jolin) #19


I was almost tempted to do the same, but am quite strict with my Rule, so didn’t. It never feels good after! :wink:

(Bruce) #20

Anyone gone through the comments yet? I give so many people grief about the ridiculous reality the comments paint I can’t bring myself to :slight_smile:

(Kieran McCann ) #21

Well doesn’t he sound fun to be around. I liked the part where he used it to pay a toll in France, then it got refused in Morrisons and all of a sudden it’s too risky to use. I’m pretty sure he’s blind too because those two animation screens tells him they’ve received his initial payment yet he didn’t know where his £100 went.

P.S How easy would it be to remove the word millennials from the internet for good?. I HATE that world so much.


Yes, you hit the nail on the head.