Monzo in the media

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Ah, reveals that while the criminal investigation has been dropped, the civil investigation is still carrying on and may yet result in fines.

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I don’t think the FT has necessarily been unfair towards Monzo. It’s critical on lots of things.

Also, the most recommended comment on today’s news was the following (maybe from one of you guys…):

Monzo turns profit for first time despite jump in bad loans

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Classic example of Times reporting having a definite angle there. Monzo has increased its loan books, so bad loans increasing in but a natural effect of this. The headline makes it sound scary and negative, but actually it’s just statistics.


And it is not even necessarily bad loans, just having to put more money aside to guard against them as the loan book grows


Oh yes, it couldn’t be any more of a bad-faith argument if it was de- sorry, what was that? It was deliberate? Golly gosh. I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

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So cute​:joy::joy:




Good for her.

But my God that’s a terrible website to view anything on with all the ads.


Sadly not uncommon. Some websites (particularly news websites IME) are made almost unusable by the intrusive adverts, autoplaying videos, and issues loading remote content and rescaling adverts causing freezes and reloads.

I can’t believe this approach makes them much extra money.


I’ll second that. Though, to be fair, Reach PLC websites (who publish many news sites including the Express) has improved in this respect since the chief exec threw his phone at a wall in exasperation.

They’ve still a long way to go, though.


Ads make it Unreadable…


Honestly I just close these as soon as I see them. I want to read about something, suddenly my browser is loading four ads and a video. Instantly it’s back button to google, try another site for the same info.


Reader view on an iPhone ftw


Nice article in favour of Monzo, but I do find it bemusing why journalists feel the need to mention the former occupation of people when it was police officer, yet don’t for any other trade.

What relevance does “former police officer” have to the value of the article? Especially as Imogen is only 30, so may not have been a police officer for a significant amount of time.

Never seen an article that reads “former carpenter” or “former midwife”, for example.

Rant over :smile:


Especially as not currently being a police officer may have had a considerable bearing on her financial struggles. But we don’t know whether she is currently in work or not; just that she is a woman from Hartlepool who was at some time in the past a police officer.

This is a very odd paragraph, too:

Over the past five and a half years, they’ve put a total of £41,000 into their “Shared Tab”, allowing them to keep track of their combined spending.

If you didn’t know better it sort of reads like they’ve saved £41,000 rather than spent £41,000.


They likely moved to Hartlepool because it’s cheap as heck.

I lived there two years, boring dull place, very poor town.

Good for her getting on the property ladder though, right place to do it. Trying to sell later for a decent price might not go in their favour.

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I hope that Monzo were able to recall the payment, it would be very disappointing if they decided to reward someone’s stupidness out of their own pocket just because the press got involved…

Seriously, paying £3k to someone you just met on an online marketplace for something you’ve never even seen in person?