Our upcoming Brand Campaign! [Scavenger hunt live 👀 🎁]

Hey Monzo Community,

We are Chris, Fran and Natalie from the Monzo Brand team.

Get ready for an epic post as we’re here to let you in on the background and behind the scenes of Monzo’s upcoming brand campaign.

As you already spotted in the release notes, Monzo advertising is about to go live. And it’s going to be everywhere – on TV, on billboards, on the radio, playlists, podcasts, social media and online. We intend for it to be unmissable and impactful – and help propel Monzo into the next stage of our growth.

We call the campaign Money never felt like Monzo.

Our TV ad premiers on Sunday night at 7.40pm during ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. So grab your popcorn and tune in then!

In the meantime, we’re here to tell you why we’re doing the campaign, what it’s about and how we created it.

Why we’re doing the campaign

It’s been five years since You Make Monzo, Monzo - our very first TV ad, which aired (somewhat briefly) in May 2019.

Much has changed in those five years. Mobile banking is increasingly the new normal. Legacy banks have doubled down on app development, and neobanks are spending on broad-reach advertising more than ever before. Competition has become fierce. In some ways, we created it, challenging the industry to raise the bar.

We’ve changed too. We launched the Flex credit card, business banking, Instant Access Savings, Investments Pots, redesigned the home screen, and more. We’re now a bank that can meet the needs of a much broader audience.

The nine million plus customers we have today joined Monzo largely through word of mouth. We know this because we ask at sign up, and the vast majority of customers say that they’ve had Monzo recommended to them by friends and family!

The advertising we’ve done in recent years was to boost that organic interest. It was mostly “below the line” on digital platforms, like Facebook and Google, and lately TikTok. This served us well, but it’s now time to go much bigger and go “above the line” into big-scale, broad-reach broadcast media channels.

The demographic of our customers has evolved over the last 4 years too. The average age of a Monzo customer is now 33, with 70% living outside of London. That profile of customer is now our biggest growth opportunity and we’d like to reach more of them. Aged 25-49, socially active professionals in cities, towns and in commuter belts, with more financial needs and growing families, who are open to digital banking.

In short – we’re ready to go mainstream.

That brings us to our strategic goal. Although more people than ever before know of Monzo (“aware”), they’re not as familiar with Monzo or what we do best (“consider”). Folks know we’re a bank, but not how or why we’re different, and how we could benefit them.

We now need to reach broader audiences and inspire more of the UK to reappraise Monzo as an established bank that can meet their needs.

Introducing Money Never Felt Like Monzo

So what’s the campaign about? To answer that question let’s go back nine months, when we started the creative exploration. We looked at our data, analysed our reviews, talked to hundreds of consumers on Monzo and other banks to really understand what makes Monzo special.

When we launched our 2019 campaign, we were the new kid on the block, and it was all about novelty. Can your bank do that? we asked. And judging by the results, the answer was a resounding NO!

This time around, we have a different challenge - to communicate the difference that Monzo makes to people’s lives, and capture that difference in an inspiring creative that motivates people to discover Monzo for themselves. One that also redefines financial services advertising - but more on that later.

We don’t need to tell you that Britain’s relationship to money isn’t all that great. Money worries are the biggest cause of anxiety, according to the Mental Health Foundation. 67% of Britons think the worst of the cost of living crisis is yet to come. Only a quarter of UK adults believe their children will be better off. The stats go on.

Meanwhile, extensive research with our customers tells us money just feels different on Monzo. More doable, accessible, engaging. “Lots of little things, each one of them done better” – this is how one research participant summed us up.

We see it in customer feedback too – and at scale. Monzo reviews are 7x more likely to feature the word ‘love’ and 8x more likely to feature the word ‘easiest’ than reviews of other banks. Those are just a few of the reasons we’re also going out with the message that Monzo will become your new favourite bank.

Using the power of comparison, our advertising will demonstrate that no matter how money feels, on Monzo, it feels better.

Painting the UK Hot Coral

We’ve got the strategy, we’ve landed on the message. Now we need to set ourselves apart by redefining how financial services marketing looks, feels and behaves.

When we were planning the campaign we knew it wasn’t just about capturing the nation’s attention, it was about capturing it the Monzo way. Standing out in a category of solid blues and dark greens. Being distinctive, bright, energetic, with a sense of fun and relatability – traits we’re known for, and cherish.

The creative will be different to anything we’ve done before, and you may find it surprising, perhaps even uncomfortable. We pushed ourselves out of our comfort zone for sure! But we know that to reach, stand out and be memorable to a broader audience, we have to show up in a way that’s distinctly Monzo.

Produced by our partners at Uncommon Creative Studio, we filmed the ads with a talented director, photographer and actors in a virtual studio. The technology enabled us to shoot more than 80 different scenes without building sets 80 times, and get that Hot Coral hue just right.

As a side note, it’s very hard to recreate hot coral! It’s 805 Pantone, a digital colour you can’t easily replicate in print analogue. If not done right it goes demonic red or frustratingly orange. But when done right, it’s bold, bright, and neon.

Stay tuned!

Over the coming weeks you’ll see us show up in all sorts of places, with media placements we’ve chosen carefully to reach the audience we have in mind.

The TV ad premiers on Sunday night on ITV – on Britain’s Got Talent, a show to reach a mainstream audience across the country, regularly delivering over 5 million live viewers. We’ll continue to be on TV for a further 8 weeks across other channels such as Channel 4, ITV, Sky, video on-demand platforms and subscription streaming.

You’ll see us pop up in unexpected ways too, so be sure to tune in to ITV’s The Fortune Hotel, 1% Club and The Chase to catch our bespoke ads with Joel Dommett and, coming in June, a bespoke ITV sports ads with none other than ITV sports pundit Mark Pougatch in and around the Euros games. We’ll also be recreating some infamous Channel 4 clips with a Monzo twist with the likes of Married at First Sight UK and First Dates.

Next time you’re on your commute, you might spot a Monzo billboard, or hear the ads on your favourite radio station, Spotify or podcast network. And you’ll see our pre-rolls and mid-rolls on YouTube too.

There’s something special coming later as well, which involves a beloved nationwide brand and an infamous sausage roll…

We hope you’ll tune in on Sunday night and keep an eye out over the next few weeks – and we’ll be back on Monday to answer any questions you might have.


Crikey, live TV hasn’t half fallen off in the last decade, has it?

I remember when shows like that would pull in more than 15 million live viewers.

Good luck with your advert! :blush:


I know that we’re all based throughout the UK so wanted to try and create a little shared experience that didn’t alienate too many people.

So with that in mind - I’m gonna give us a space to have a watch-a-long of sorts for our first advert in nearly 5 years :balloon:

Don’t want to make you all rely on your own snack drawer/cupboard/shelf. :popcorn:


Thanks for letting us know what you’re doing. I’m interested in what this will look like!
I hope you get the results you’re after.


Good luck with the campaign!
Monzo giving me a reason to watch BGT with my family instead of doing other things lol

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Ooh, I hope we get to see “Dear lord, what a sad little life, Monzo.” :sweat_smile:


Picture this… a big steel press slowly closes, squashing all manner of card readers, authentication devices and alternative bank cards, then opens to reveal a superb coral card.

Wait - what?


I’ll be watching on the way to Hamburg! I hope ITV Player works on the ship wifi

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Really good to hear that Monzo are pushing more advertising. I’ll probably not see any of them, because I don’t have any live TV - but I’ll look out for them on YouTube if/when they appear on the Monzo YouTube account. :eyes:

I love the existing marketing & in-app imagery/tone of voice, so looking forward to seeing how the adverts tie in with that.

Can I ask if Monzo will tackle some of the common issues, or misconceptions that people have about the bank - the advertising is all well & good, and bringing in more customers is great. But if there’s not the infrastructure internally to support this, then this may actually lead to a detrimental service for existing customers & do more harm than good to Monzo’s image?

^ This insight, is really interesting, and as someone who’s 34 years old, been with Monzo for 8 years - I can fully see this demographic continuing to shift upwards alongside the early adopter’s age. :thinking:


I’m looking forward to seeing the billboards, if you send me a plushie to compare with I can let you know if the colour of the billboards around here are accurate.


I’m looking forward to seeing the advertising somewhere on the web as I don’t watch live TV. Though I might make an exception this one time.

It’s great to see a new advertising push, and a huge well done to everyone working on this effort – it must feel great to press “GO” on it.

It wouldn’t be me without a BUT though: will Monzo ensure that support – both staff availability and processes/training – is up to the challenge of a new influx of customers?


Sweating Jordan Peele | Know Your Meme


Great stuff, and love the idea of doing specific stuff around the Euros and Channel 4 shows.

and the stat about the bank demographics is super super interesting, and I’m well over the average age, now out of London with a young family, so right in the wheel house of where these ads are being aimed at .

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I had to google who Joe Dommett is. I still don’t know him

I might be old


If you live in a house with two kids obsessed with Masked Singer, this ad will go down very well.

According to Wikipedia he’s been active since 2004 so how old are you? :flushed:

I only know who he is because he was in I’m a Celeb like a decade ago when my wife used to watch it.

I don’t watch reality show stuff so that’ll be why

He seems to be a general TV presenter, don’t recognise 90% of the shows in the list so don’t know if it’s all reality TV.

I also haven’t watched live TV for 5+ years so I wouldn’t know.

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