Monzo help chat getting annoying

Has anyone else used monzo chat help lately and found that they now are asking you automatically generated questions like those awful telephone banking menu? I mean if I started chat with monzo, I want to chat to a person. I don’t want to have to choose the option “I want to chat to a person”


If it helps direct people to an appropriate FAQ rather then ask a question already answered and in turn this reduces wait times for people with genuine issues, surely that can only be a good thing?


I guess it is a careful line they need to walk but if your question is a common one then it is helpful if they can just direct you straight to the answer rather than a person using their time to answer it

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I agree, yesterday I had an issue with a missing payment, sent a question and closed the app. Opened it 30 mins later and it was stuck on an automated message that i had to click through 2/3 times to get to a real person. I wasn’t even in the queue that entire time, which was frustrating.


I dont mind the automated questions if it saves time… what ive noticed over my last few conversations is duplicate messages coming through, also chats being revived out of the blue.

For example i got a notification from chat asking me what the issue was at 4am the other night… nothing was wrong and i didnt start a chat lol

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I guess the thing is there is a “search or ask a question tap” for general questions and I wouldn’t scroll down to start a chat if it was not for specific requests. To be redirected in the chat maybe just feel a little alienating as monzo used to be more personal.

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That clearly is a probelm and shouldn’t work like that

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I had this issue yesterday too. I’ve broken my iPhone so was trying to set Apple Pay up on a temporary phone, but it required Monzo to manually enable it. This was something needed human interaction, so I sent a message through chat. A while later I thought it was strange I hadn’t heard back, reopened the chat only to discover an automated reply suggesting, irrelevant, FAQ articles that I had to click through several times before I actually got put through to a real person. Frustrating!


For some queries, asking automated questions makes loads of sense.

Take reporting fraud as an example: every COp needs to ask the same questions: which transactions are fraudulent and what happened/how did you realise it was fraud. Then your case needs to get referred to a COp who has completed the fraud refund training course so you can get refunded for the fraudulent transactions. It makes sense to have the process of asking these questions automated and then the query sent straight to a COp who can check the answers then perform the refund.

However, the current implementation clearly isn’t working particularly well if people aren’t realising the automated messages have been sent and are waiting for replies.

We’re very happy with the performance of what we call “Monzo Helper” :grinning: We’ve detected that it reduces our inbound chats by as much as 20% already :grinning:

It also provides additional context for when you do need human help :grinning:


For me it’s not so much a matter of the automated stuff.

What is a bit grating is getting a form/copypasta reply from a human that doesn’t answer the question. It’s the combination of waiting for a reply plus the reply being irrelevant/unhelpful, then needing to follow up with “yeah nah thanks but that doesn’t answer my question at all”.

For example a very clear issue with being asked to call Monzo to authorise Apple Pay enrolment, and the response is some generic instructions on how to add a card to Apple Pay.

This never used to happen with Monzo support, but I have had it a couple of times this year.


It sounds like the main problem here is that people are leaving the app before the questions appear and they therefore don’t realise they need to answer them.


Maybe some sort of permanent notification until the automated question has been replied to would help.

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And what if the original message already contained all the info? Do you still have to go through and answer every question again?

Hopefully you could just say you’ve already given the info and go straight to being assigned to someone who can perform the refund

I think the bigger problem is that recently the people (not chat bots) on the chat just copy & paste without actually reading the question I asked. It happened twice to me recently that I asked a question and got an answer. It didn’t solve my problem so I responded with details what I did and what happened, only to get an exact copy of he first answer from someone else. This is really annoying and extremely poor service, if I make an effort to provide details please do me the courtesy and read it to the end.
The support in Monzo used to be so awesome, I understand you need to scale and make efficiency savings but please not at the cost of being helpful


They showcased their chat system a while back and it has quick replies that automatically have the persons name and certain info prefilled in so it says Hi Charlie, let me look into that for you. Kind of responses.

i think these are fine as it saves them typing out things but i agree they should be reading your message and reading the suggested reply to ensure it is 100% the kind of thing they would actually reply had they typed it themselves


Exactly this. I had a live chat going about an international payment a few weeks ago… the chap seemed to be glad that I ended up having to make the payment via Barclays!

Used it yesterday and didn’t mind the automated questions first. It was two extra clicks and no additional typing and helps Monzo weed out anyone who hasn’t bothered to search for the answer leaving real humans to deal with the difficult questions. As an investor, I want to help keep customer service costs down.

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You also want to keep customers happy though or they will become a cost and not a profit. It is hard to strike the right balance.