Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

Version: 2.40.0 :tada:


<string name="affordability_eligible_message">You can get a loan up to %1$s</string>
<string name="affordability_eligible_primary_button">Choose your loan</string>
<string name="affordability_eligible_title">All good</string>

Some extra messages ‘somewhere’ when you’re eligible for a Monzo loan :money_mouth_face:

<string name="bill_split_empty_state_body">Split a bill with one or more people in a few taps, whether they’re on Monzo or not.</string>
<string name="bill_split_empty_state_title">Split the bill</string>
<string name="bill_split_intro_body">Introducing a new way to easily split payments with your friends. Select a payment from your home screen and choose the people you want to split it with even if they don’t have Monzo.</string>
<string name="bill_split_intro_bullet_1">Pick the payment you want to split</string>
<string name="bill_split_intro_bullet_2">Find any of your contacts on Monzo or people nearby</string>
<string name="bill_split_intro_bullet_3">Split the bill equally, or manually edit if you owe different amounts</string>
<string name="bill_split_intro_bullet_4">We’ll send a request to pay you. Once they’ve paid, we’ll tell you.</string>

Extra bill split wording :eyes: I re-installed the app to see if I’d see this new prompt but I didn’t :frowning: it looks like it could replace the help screen text (eventually?)


<string name="external_cards_onboarding_amex_connected">Amex is now connected</string>
<string name="external_cards_onboarding_card_connected">"We've connected your card"</string>

(Old first, new second) :slight_smile:
The wording is no longer limited to Amex :wink: we knew that other cards would be integrated in the future (Amex is just first), this backs that up :sunglasses:

<string name="pending_bill_split_subheading">Waiting for payments</string>

This is an interesting string :star:
Looks like the Android app might, one day, get a section for pending bill splits! :slight_smile: Making it that little bit easier to see which of your friends still owe you for lunch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

<string name="shared_section_header_pending_payment_requests">Bill splits</string>
<string name="shared_section_header_shared_tabs">Shared tabs</string>
<string name="shared_section_item_no_payment_requests">None at the moment.</string>

This looks very promising! :grin::point_up:
@Peter_G, are you seeing anything around bill splits on your shiny new payments screen? :eyes:

<string name="shared_tab_empty_state_body">From holidays with your friends to household bills. Keeping track of payments is a pain. So we’ve created Shared Tabs to make it a whole lot easier.</string>
<string name="shared_tab_empty_state_title">Shared tabs</string>

<string name="shared_tabs_intro_body">From holidays with friends to household bills, keeping track of ongoing payments is a pain. So we’ve created Shared Tabs to make it a whole lot easier.</string>
<string name="shared_tabs_intro_bullet_1">Set up a Tab with as many people as you like</string>
<string name="shared_tabs_intro_bullet_2">Add payments to split as you go</string>
<string name="shared_tabs_intro_bullet_3">Settle up in a few taps when you’re ready</string>
<string name="shared_tabs_intro_bullet_4">Easily see who’s paid what</string>
<string name="shared_tabs_intro_button">Create a Shared Tab</string>
<string name="shared_tabs_intro_title">Shared Tabs</string>

A nice extra bit of wording explaining shared tabs :slight_smile: Always good to know more about features if it’s the first time using them :smiley:

Deep Links:

<string name="deep_link_monzo_plus_signup">monzo_plus_signup</string>

Just one additional deep link this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: monzo://monzo_plus_signup
It currently brings you to this screen :sweat_smile:

(I’m still waiting for it to load :rofl:)


New! :tada:

Barclaycard will be joining Amex in your account page :boom: (Confirmed :smile:)

image image image image image

Changed! :eyes:
AGAIN! :joy: Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm :wink:

Feature Flags:

No feature_flags this week :sob: I’m not rooted now that I’m on Android Q… There’s no way for me to access the super secret feature_flags file :frowning:

Other exciting things :tada:

I can’t offer feature_flags but I can tell you that Monzo Plus is becoming even more of a reality :tada:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  xmlns:android="" xmlns:app="">
    <item android:id="@id/purchase_monzo_plus_toolbar_action_next" android:visible="false" android:title="@string/purchase_monzo_plus_toolbar_action_next" app:showAsAction="always" />

This XML file is called menu_pick_your_card.xml - which leads me to believe that production of Monzo Plus cards has been sorted / is super mega close :grin:
Hopefully anybody who’s offered a Monzo Plus ‘thing’ will be able to pick their custom card colour in the not too distant future :blush:

More posts to follow… Stay tuned :wink:


Barclaycard will be a welcome addition.


Monzo Plus

<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_card_not_selected">%s, not selected</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_card_selected">%s, selected</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_card_subtitle">It’s neon!</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_hot_coral">Hot Coral</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_intro_body">You can now get these exclusive add-ons for just %s a month, with the option to pay more for extras like travel insurance.</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_intro_title">"Get even more from
your Monzo experience"</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_intro_toolbar_title">Monzo Plus</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_lagoon_blue">Lagoon Blue</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_midnight_sky">Midnight Sky</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_pick_card">Pick your card</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_pick_your_card_title">Pick a card, any card…</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_pick_your_card_toolbar_title">Your new card</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_sign_up_cancel">Not right now</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_toolbar_action_next">Next</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_toolbar_subtitle">Monzo Plus</string>

As I eluded to in the final section of my main teardown of version 2.40.0 :grin:, Monzo Plus is close!!

Looks like colour selection is sorted :tada: the rollout (to my knowledge) is still limited but if you’re fortunate enough to have been randomly selected for Monzo Plus then prepare to be one of the first people to get a non-Hot Coral Monzo card :scream:


This is getting closer and closer… I’m looking forward to seeing the other colours in real life very soon!


Keen to see photos / have hands on reports asap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cash ISA :moneybag:

This is still an early look at this code, things can and do change quite frequently at Monzo. So wih you pinch of salt at the ready… Here’s some code surrounding the ISAs :eyes:

<string name="pot_class_subtitles_flexible_savings">"Cash ISA option available
Withdraw the next working day
Earn up to %s interest"</string>
<string name="pot_class_subtitles_flexible_savings_isa_only">"Tax-free cash ISA
Withdraw the next working day
Earn up to %s interest"</string>
<string name="pot_creation_fixed_savings_estimation_message">Since this flow was started before midnight and we’re now into another day, our estimations may have changed. Please start the flow again for accurate estimations.</string>
<string name="pot_creation_fixed_savings_estimation_title">Estimates may have changed</string>
<string name="pot_term_length_confirm_negative">Change length</string>
<string name="pot_term_length_confirm_positive">Confirm</string>
<string name="pot_term_length_confirm_title">Confirm term length</string>
<string name="pot_term_length_deposit_description">If you deposited</string>
<string name="pot_term_length_interest_amount">%s%% interest on this term length</string>
<string name="pot_term_length_number_of_months">Number of months</string>
<string name="pot_term_length_title">Select term length</string>
<string name="pot_term_length_total_interest">Total interest earned: %s</string>
<string name="pot_term_length_total_savings">Your total savings</string>

What does all of this mean? :thinking:

It means that Monzo ISAs might still take a day to get your funds returned :sweat_smile: (I could be very wrong though).

It also looks like there’s been a great deal of expansion surrounding fixed ISAs (this would be in addition to a regular Cash ISA) :tada: mentions of term lengths & a the use of variable numbers show that there will, more than likely, be better interest rates the longer you lock your funds away for :sunglasses:


A section for pending Bill Splits arrived on the iOS TestFlight app in late January:

NB: this section appears in the “Share” tab in the new Payments tab.

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Aha! I can’t wait to get my hands on that :grin: If only I still had root on Android Q :sweat_smile:

I saw it first so I’ll almost definitely be last in the rollout :laughing::innocent:

Didn’t get chance to search for the existence of this feature in the excitement of the beta :yum: but I was pretty sure it was already a thing on iOS :grin: nice one on sharing the link :boom:

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Still unactionable section however… unable to delete pending bill splits :-1:

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Version: 2.41.0 :tada:


<string name="account_credit">Loans and Overdrafts</string>

“Borrowing” is now “Loans and overdrafts”

<string name="monzo_library">Monzo library</string>

There’s a Monzo library? :books: Not sure where that’ll live :eyes:

<string name="pot_detail_deposit_fixed_lock_message">You can’t add money to Fixed Savings Pots. Try saving money in a different type of Pot instead.</string>
<string name="pot_detail_deposit_fixed_lock_title">You can’t add to this Pot</string>

<string name="pot_detail_withdrawal_fixed_lock_message">You can’t take money out of a Fixed Savings Pot until the term ends. We’ll move the money into your account at midnight on that date.</string>
<string name="pot_detail_withdrawal_fixed_lock_title">You can’t withdraw from this Pot</string>

Some more details around fixed savings pots :moneybag: seems that you won’t be able to add money once they’re running :eyes:
The money will be automatically returned at midnight once the fixed term ends though :tada:

<string name="pot_detail_total_gained_fixed_subtitle">Once term is complete</string>
<string name="pot_detail_total_gained_fixed_title">Total interest</string>

<string name="pot_detail_total_gained_title">Total interest</string>

Extra fields which didn’t exist :smiley: more data, more of a breakdown of what you’ll earn / have earned :slight_smile:

<string name="pot_fixed_savings_confirmation_title">You’re all set</string>
<string name="pot_flexible_savings_confirmation_subtitle">You’ll see your first interest payment at the end of the month. Happy saving!</string>
<string name="pot_flexible_savings_confirmation_title">You’re all set</string>

Just like the Investec pot, you’ll see interest payments :sunglasses:

<string name="pot_photo_bottom_sheet_title">How would you like to pick your Pot image?</string>
<string name="pot_photo_choose_monzo_photo_button_text">Choose from Monzo library</string>
<string name="pot_photo_choose_photo_button_text">Choose from library</string>
<string name="pot_photo_take_photo_button_text">Take photo</string>

Custom. Pot. Photos. :open_mouth: (not yet though :sob: definitely behind a feature flag :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) Monzo’s such a tease :smirk:

<string name="tap_link_confirm_email">Tap the link in the email to confirm your new email address.</string>

Some instructions on changing your email from within the app :blush:

Deep Links:

None to speak of this week :eyes:


New! :tada:
image image image

Some assets for monzo_plus :slight_smile:

Feature Flags:

No feature_flags this week :sob: I’m still not rooted now that I’m on Android Q… There’s no way for me to access the super secret feature_flags file :frowning:

There’s another post to follow… Stay tuned :wink:


There’s another post to follow… Stay tuned :wink:

Nothing quite as exciting as seeing this… image


Monzo Plus:

This deserved a separate post because there’s so much going on :yum:

<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_intro">Add the custom features that matter to you. You can always do this at a later date if you want to.</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_next_button">Next</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_product_subheading">+ %s a month</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_quote_title">%s a month</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_add_extras_toolbar_title">Add extras</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_eligibility_next_button">Next</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_eligibility_subtitle_eligible">You’re eligible for this extra</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_eligibility_subtitle_ineligible">Sorry, you’re not eligible for this extra</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_eligibility_subtitle_pending">Tap to find out if you’re eligible</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_eligibility_title">We need to confirm that you’re eligible for:</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_eligibility_toolbar_title">Confirm you’re eligible</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_card_hot_coral">Hot Coral card</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_card_lagoon_blue">Lagoon Blue card</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_card_midnight_sky">Midnight Sky card</string>

Monzo Plus will allow you to:

  • Add custom features!! :boom:
  • It’ll show you what your custom amount will be :money_mouth_face:
  • Breaks down what you’re eligible / ineligible for :eyes:
  • Let you choose which colour of card you’re after :credit_card:
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_card_subtitle_matt">Matt</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_card_subtitle_neon">Neon</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_confirm_and_pay_quote_button">Confirm and pay</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_confirm_and_pay_toolbar_title">Confirm and pay</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_custom_features_title">Custom Features</string>
  • You’ll even be able to customise the colour of the font on the card! :eyes: (Neon vs Matt)
  • Payment will all be handled within the app (I’d sure hope so :sweat_smile:)
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_intro_body_coming_soon">Soon you’ll be able to get these exclusive core features for just %s a month, with the option to pay more for custom features like travel insurance and emergency cash abroad.</string>
  • Travel insurance & emergency cash look to be optional :+1:
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_introduction_signup_cancel">Not right now</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_introduction_signup_continue">Continue</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_introduction_signup_join_waitlist">Join the waiting list</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_introduction_signup_learn_more">Learn more</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_introduction_signup_waitlist_action">Back to Home</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_introduction_signup_waitlist_body">We’ve added you to the Monzo Plus waiting list. We’ll let you know as soon as you can sign up.</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_introduction_signup_waitlist_title">You’re on the list!</string>
  • It’s fully opt-in
  • There will be a wait list for now :eyes: small quantities to start off with? Keeping up with potential spikes in demand?
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_product_more_coming_soon">We’ll add more soon…</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_success">You’ve got Monzo Plus</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_success_body">Go to Home to order your new card and to get information about any custom features you added.</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_plus_success_button">Go to Home</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_quote_you_will_pay">You’ll pay</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_terms_button">Accept terms</string>
<string name="purchase_monzo_terms_toolbar_title">Terms and conditions</string>
  • Little bit of admin to do
    • Ordering your card
    • Agreeing to T’s & C’s, etc.

I’m excited! :smiley: I really can’t wait to see what pricing looks like as well as what the “exclusive core features” are :grin:

Has anybody been offered Monzo Plus yet? :slight_smile:


This is now working :tada: I’ve not seen another post on this yet so I thought I’d share :smiley:

It’s not possible to change the amount of a recurring bill split, it’ll always split it evenly :slight_smile: the cool part is that it’ll always split it evenly, including when the amount changes :raised_hands:

If I was renting with a friend, I’d be using Shared Tabs all the time :boom: this feature is killer :sunglasses:


Version: 2.42.0 :tada:


<string name="fixed_savings_pot_lock_description">Your Pot will be locked until this date to earn interest.</string>

Little tweak to pot unlocks when interest is involved :slight_smile:

<string name="inbox_message_dismiss">Clear</string>
<string name="inbox_message_overflow_content_description">More</string>

Some new inbox message prompts :eyes: guessing this might show up in Chat eventually?

<string name="generic_error_no_retry">Sorry, there was a problem.</string>

Can’t beat a generic error :joy:

<string name="int_transfer_overdraft_message">You can still move your money. But we’ll charge you for using your overdraft, even if you have money in another Monzo account.</string>
<string name="int_transfer_overdraft_positive">Move money</string>
<string name="int_transfer_overdraft_title">You’re entering your overdraft</string>

Additional Overdraft warning messages when you’re shuffling money around :slight_smile:

<string name="monzo_points_header">Points</string>
<string name="monzo_points_title">See what you’ve earned</string>

Ooo :eyes: Erm, points? :sweat_smile: I guess this is from monzo://your_monzo :thinking: should be fun! :smiley:

<string name="pot_class_subtitles_flexible_savings_non_isa_only">"Withdraw the next working day
For savings of %1$s or more
Earn up to %2$s interest"</string>

Rates & amounts for Non-ISA pots :slight_smile:

<string name="pot_photo_camera_app_not_found">Sorry, it doesn’t look like you have an app on your phone that lets you take a photo. Download one and try again!</string>
<string name="pot_photo_camera_permission_refused">Please try again, and give Monzo camera permissions to take a new Pot image</string>

<string name="pot_photo_choose_photo_title">Select source</string>
<string name="pot_photo_crop_failed">Sorry, that picture didn’t crop properly. Please re-take it to try again!</string>
<string name="pot_photo_read_external_storage_permission_refused">Please try again, and give Monzo storage permissions to take your picture from where it’s stored</string>

Custom. Pot. Photos. :open_mouth:


<string name="profile_premium_subscriptions_description_sign_up">Get even more from your Monzo experience</string>

Description for Monzo Premium :moneybag:

<string name="profile_update_email_pin_authentication">Enter your card’s 4 digit PIN to update your email address</string>

Looks like you need to enter your card’s PIN instead of using your fingerprint in order to update your email address (was previously possible with fingerprint alone).

Deep Links:

None to speak of this week :eyes:


New! :tada:

Instead of loads of separate images taking up space, Monzo have implemented overlays! :smiley: Much smaller .webp's which can be popped over a HotCoral rectangle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (switch to dark mode when viewing these, it looks a great deal better :sunglasses:

Little octopus for the energy referral screen :smiley:

Transparent background thing for pot image selection :sunglasses:

Feature Flags:

No feature_flags this week :sob: I’m still not rooted now that I’m on Android Q… There’s no way for me to access the super secret feature_flags file :frowning:

There’s another post to follow… Stay tuned :wink:


Business Accounts!

<string name="business_profile_annual_turnover_label">Annual turnover</string>
<string name="business_profile_business_address_label">Business address</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_details_header">Company details</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_charitable_incorporated_organisation">Charitable Incorporated Organisation</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_charity">Charity</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_community_interest_company">Community Interest Company</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_general_partnership">Partnership</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_industrial_and_provident_society">Industrial and Provident Society</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_label">Company type</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_limited_liability_partnership">Limited liability partnership</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_limited_partnership">Limited partnership</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_other">Other</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_private_company_limited_by_guarantee">Private company limited by guarantee</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_private_company_limited_by_shares">Private limited company</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_public_limited_company">Public limited company</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_sole_trader">Sole trader</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_unlimited_company">Unlimited company</string>
<string name="business_profile_company_type_unlimited_trust">Unlimited trust</string>
<string name="business_profile_employee_count_label">Employee count</string>
<string name="business_profile_incorporation_format">Incorporated: %1$s, %2$s</string>
<string name="business_profile_title">Business Profile</string>
<string name="business_profile_total_assets_label">Total assets</string>
<string name="business_profile_update_info_dialog_message">If you want to update your company details, please chat with our customer support.</string>

This looks pretty human-readable :boom: So I explain line-by-line :innocent:

What we’ve got here is a mixture of selections for company type & some headers / labels for various informational points :sunglasses: I.e. annual turnover :tada:

I’m sure this is very exciting for anybody interested in a Monzo Business Account :grin:


The word ‘INVESTOR’ has disappeared from the top-right of the Monzo card graphic in my Personal Account. Please come back! (suspecting wrong overlays mapped to graphics call fields)

The Joint Account graphic moniker at the top left is still there in the JA though, so that’s not gone.

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Mine’s still there :eyes: Have you tried force closing the app? :blush:

Several times. No joy. A sad, sad day…

On the plus side - this is beta and I’ve got custom images in Pots to make me smile :grinning:


HALLELUJAH :raised_hands: Good spot!

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My investor has also gone from my card.

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