Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻

I’ve got a rooted phone lying around I think , if i don’t need to be logged let me know I’ll look for the feature flag file


@kolok - out of interest - do you also have a Joint Account?


Then that’s one theory down, scratches head…

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For the record… investor card is showing for me.

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Thanks. 2 people have it, 2 people don’t.

Force stopped, restarted. no change.
Force stopped, cleared cache, restarted, no change.
Force stopped, cleared storage, restarted, no change.
Uninstalled Monzo app.
Restarted phone (Pixel 2XL running stock ‘P’ at this stage)
Installed Monzo (Beta) app
Started from scratch again (custom Icon, fingerprint stuff, etc.) - forgot PA PIN, submitted drivers license and a rather frustrated looking video to recover PIN, etc., long story, but Monzo reacted immediately and got me back in…
App back to how it was and… still no ‘INVESTOR’ on Personal Account Monzo card graphic.

Must be server-side?


I’m pixel 3 , stock Android 9

Just logged in on my OnePlus on Android 8 and still no investor.

I only invested in the last round , you also?

I’ve kept the investor text after update. Only invested in the last round two so that’s theory number 2 down the drain. I have a JA; what about those who’ve lost it?

I can confirm I’m also no longer an ‘Investor’ on my in app card.

No joint account, on the latest Android Beta.

I’ve still got the investor text.

Latest android beta version
I have a joint account

For the ones of you who have had the Investor text removed after upgrading, do your (physical) CA cards have that text? I didn’t get mine replaced after becoming an investor (last round) and the text just disappeared after upgrading to the latest beta. Just wondering whether that’s related. I still have the investor badge in the app though.


I haven’t had mine replaced.

I also haven’t had my card replaced and it’s disappeared for me.

The card image in the app is supposed to reflect your actual card. If it was previously displaying “investor” but you have a standard card, that was a bug (that evidently got fixed)


I chose not to get a new physical card. Time to go through the freeze-card-order-new-card-unfreeze-card dance to sort it. Bit of an unnecessary & expensive solution though.

You could just wait until your card expires…


Many thanks to @kolok! :raised_hands: Wouldn’t have had this info without your help :sunglasses:

<boolean name="savings_issue_enabled_OakNorth_2019_03_12_ISA" value="true" />
<boolean name="savings_issue_enabled_OakNorth_2019_04_02_Fixed" value="false" />
<boolean name="savings_issue_enabled_OakNorth_2019_03_28_Fixed" value="false" />

<boolean name="octopus_energy_api_account_creation_force_enabled" value="false" />

<boolean name="7_k_loans_enabled" value="false" />

<boolean name="monzo_v3_enabled" value="false" />

<boolean name="new_fixed_savings_description" value="true" />

I was unable to perform a direct diff (for reasons :joy:) but here’s what I’ve spotted whilst skimming through the feature_flags.xml that I was given :smiley:

Looks like the OakNorth integration was a bit painful :sweat_smile: Glad to see it’s all been resolved now though :blush:

It looks like Monzo might be investigating larger loans :eyes: Up to £7k, if I were to hazard a guess :wink:

I’ve got no idea what Monzo V3 is :eyes: I’m sure we’ll find out soon :yum:


This has been on the cards for some time now.

In the Making Monzo section it has been there for a few months if not longer… :slight_smile:



£7000 seems like such a random number to increase a limit too?


I think I’ll wait to see what happens with cards.

The overlays Marcus posted earlier are definately interesting as they open up a lot of combinations> Monzo card with any background colur, with just Monzo, Joint Account, Investor options (I wonder if Joint Account & Investor cards are possible? - it looks possible from the overlays)

The oddball though is the Monzo Plus overlay. It doesn’t have the ‘mastercard’ moniker at the bottom, its text is not aligned as the others ans it’s not in the same place - blocking out the Joint Account & Investor overlays. It looks weird.