Monzo for Android - Teardowns & Deep Dives 👨‍💻


Seems like you can unlock pots yourself now. And the new account screen has been more widely rolled out.

Still no indication a pot is locked from the new account screen, though.

Deleting pots seems to bug out. It returns you to the pot edit screen of the pot you just deleted. Returning to the account screen eventually deletes it. Trying to edit from the pot screen results in an error.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #64

Certainly can :eyes: I posted more about that down below :smiley:

New account screen is looking fantastic :sunglasses: Have you also got it? :slight_smile:


Ahhh. :grinning:

Yeah the account screen is better. Guess I’d echo the comments about the Add Money button and positioning of the loans/overdrafts.

The add money button could be moved to the pin reminder and card management buttons but I’d understand if it was more obvious as is for new users initially.

I’d argue the borrowing section should only appear above pots if it is actively being used.

I guess I’d also want the next iteration to reduce the amount of screen space used for the skeuomorphic card, too.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #66

That’s too big of a word for a Monday :exploding_head:


I like the “Add money” button where it is.

Even though I’m not a new user, I use it quite often. It’s the best way of sharing account details and when cheque imaging is introduced it’ll be needed for that.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #68

Version: 2.37.0 :tada:


<string name="account_external_cards">Credit cards</string>

<string name="external_card_balance">Total balance</string>
<string name="external_card_balance_available">%1$s available</string>
<string name="external_card_balance_available_soon">Your balance will show soon.</string>
<string name="external_card_balance_last_updated">Last updated %1$s</string>

:eyes: More movement on the Amex integration :hot_coral_heart:

<string name="borrowing_hub_active_loan_subtitle" formatted="false">You’ve paid %s of %s</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_active_loan_title">Your %s loan</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_active_overdraft_subtitle">Your current limit is %s</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_active_overdraft_title">Your Overdraft</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_eligible_loan_body">"Flexible loans at %s APR
Get the money the same day
No other fees"</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_eligible_loan_subtitle">Get a loan up to %s</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_eligible_loan_title">Personal loan</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_eligible_overdraft_subtitle">You’re eligible for up to %s</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_eligible_overdraft_text">You’ve got a free buffer of £20. After that, we’ll charge you 50p a day.</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_eligible_overdraft_title">Running Empty?</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_ineligible_loan_subtitle">Find out more</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_ineligible_loan_title">You’re not eligible for a loan</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_ineligible_overdraft_subtitle">Find out more</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_ineligible_overdraft_title">You’re not eligible for an overdraft</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_loans_header">Loans</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_overdraft_header">Overdraft</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_spread_the_cost_body">We’ll put the money straight back in your account and you can repay over 3 to 12 months. %s representative APR</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_spread_the_cost_subtitle">Over purchases from £200 to £1000</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_spread_the_cost_title">Spread the Cost</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_survey_card_body">Let us know what type of loan or credit you’re keen to see on Monzo next.</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_survey_card_button">GIVE FEEDBACK</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_survey_card_title">Looking for something you can’t find?</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_toolbar_title">Your borrowing options</string>

WOAH that’s a lot of borrowing / loan work :eyes:
This now wraps up: Loans, Overdrafts & Spread the Cost :boom:

<string name="card_action_borrowing_hub_no_shadow_limit">Learn about loans and overdrafts</string>
<string name="card_action_borrowing_hub_shadow_limit">You’re eligible for up to %s</string>
<string name="card_action_borrowing_hub_shadow_limit_subtitle">See all your borrowing options</string>

<string name="card_borrowing_hub_subtitle">Based on your credit score</string>

<string name="deep_link_borrowing_hub">borrowing_hub</string> :boom: - A new deeplink

<string name="deep_link_credit_builder">credit_builder</string>
<string name="deep_link_spread_the_cost">spread_the_cost_offer</string>

Deleted deeplinks :open_mouth:

Spread the cost seems to have been reformed into the borrowing hub :slight_smile: So it’s not gone anywhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

<string name="profile_premium_subscriptions_title">Monzo Plus</string>

<string name="profile_your_monzo_text">Discover how to become a Monzo pro</string>
<string name="profile_your_monzo_title">Your Monzo</string>

More references to Monzo Plus :yum:
And something about being a “Monzo pro”? :eyes:


image - Spread the cost icon removed :x:

New! :tada:
monzo_star checkmark loan_option survey spread_the_cost

overdraft overdraft_ineligible

loan loan_ineligible


I think the images are named :yum: but if not… from left to right & top to bottom:
monzo_star, checkmark, loan_option, survey, spread_the_cost, overdraft, overdraft_ineligible, loan, loan_ineligible and finally amex_card :boom:

Feature Flags:
<boolean name="trustpilot_csat_prompts_enabled" value="false" /> - New :sparkles:
<boolean name="your_monzo_enabled" value="false" /> - New :sparkles:
<boolean name="chat_simple_greeting_enabled" value="true" /> - New :sparkles:
<boolean name="chat_suggested_articles_enabled" value="true" /> - Changed (now True) :tada:

The Monzo Borrowing Hub :eyes:
Credit Card inside Monzo 👀
(Emma (still not the app)) #69

Survey card? Can’t even guess at that

(Thomas Horne) #70

Are we going to be begged/bugged in app for reviews. :slightly_frowning_face:


Hopefully this is a dismissable feed item and not an annoying pop-up.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #72

I can’t be sure what this will mean yet :see_no_evil:

There could be several interpretations of this :eyes: It could be a standalone link to TrustPilot, it could be a slightly tweaked rating system for Monzo chat, it might be scrapped altogether after an A/B test :blush:

It’s too early to tell with some things, everything I post on this thread should be taken with a pinch of salt as it may never see the light of day :innocent:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #73

Sorry to disappoint but I think it may be a popup. It’s currently (or may have now stopped) being trialed with a small amount of people.


That post was over a month ago, so hopefully it’s taken so long because they’ve been working on a dismissable feed item.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #75

Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

From reading on here most trials do last more than a month though :frowning_face: but hopefully they get feedback that popups are annoying and they’d be better with dismissable feed items :smiley:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #76

Version: 2.38.0 :tada:



<string name="borrowing_hub_eligible_loan_body">"Flexible loans at %s representative APR

<string name="borrowing_hub_eligible_loan_subtitle">You’re pre-approved</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_eligible_loan_title">Get a loan up to %1$s</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_eligible_overdraft_subtitle">Get an overdraft up to %1$s</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_eligible_overdraft_text">Choose your own limit. There’s no fees for the first £20. After that, it’s 50p a day, no matter how overdrawn you go.</string>

<string name="borrowing_hub_ineligible_overdraft_subtitle">Find out why</string>

<string name="borrowing_hub_pending_loan_title">Your loan is coming soon</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_spread_the_cost_body">Spend £200 to £1000 and get the money back. Repay over 3 to 12 months at %1$s representative APR.</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_spread_the_cost_subtitle">Get a loan to spread the cost</string>
<string name="borrowing_hub_spread_the_cost_title">Stretched your budget?</string>

Bunch of wording changes :slight_smile: Makes things clearer to the user, etc. :blush:

<string name="card_action_borrowing_hub_subtitle">See your borrowing options</string>
<string name="card_action_borrowing_hub_title">Learn about loans and overdrafts</string>

Even more word changes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


<string name="chat_check_status_page">Check status page</string>

<string name="chat_status_message">Customer support is really busy at the moment, so it’s taking longer than usual to get back to you. We’re working really hard to respond as quickly as possible, so please bear with us. Thanks again for the patience!</string>

Monzo Chat sees a little addition, a string which will display if COps are under immense load :eyes: I hope it doesn’t get used often :see_no_evil:

Energy Switching

<string name="energy_quote_big_6">Big 6</string>
<string name="energy_quote_cheap_subtitle">Cheaper than the %s’s standard tariffs.</string>
<string name="energy_quote_cheap_title">Switch and save money</string>

Some more details around the “Big 6”.

<string name="energy_quote_remind_later">Remind me later</string>

<string name="energy_reminder_interstitial_action">Set a reminder</string>
<string name="energy_reminder_interstitial_body">Don’t have time right now? No problem. We’ll send you a reminder so you can switch your energy provider later.</string>
<string name="energy_reminder_interstitial_title">Set a reminder</string>
<string name="energy_reminder_set_success_subtitle">We’ll send you a notification so you don’t forget to switch.</string>
<string name="energy_reminder_set_success_title">All done</string>
<string name="energy_reminders_sheet_title">When should we send you a reminder?</string>

And a reminder button if you’re not quite ready to switch energy supplier yet :slight_smile:

<string name="energy_use_day_night_options">My bill shows day and night use</string>
<string name="energy_use_electricity_day_hint">Add your annual day use (kWh)</string>
<string name="energy_use_electricity_hint">Add your annual use (kWh)</string>
<string name="energy_use_electricity_night_hint">Add your annual night use (kWh)</string>
<string name="energy_use_electricity_title">Electricity</string>
<string name="energy_use_gas_hint">Add your annual use (kWh)</string>
<string name="energy_use_gas_title">Gas</string>
<string name="energy_use_instructions">You should be able to find your <b>annual energy use</b> on your latest bill.</string>
<string name="energy_use_only_one_option">My bill only shows one option</string>
<string name="energy_use_submit">Submit</string>
<string name="energy_use_title">Your energy use</string>

Looks like we’ll be able to add our actual usage to the quote generator :hot_coral_heart:

<string name="gambling_block_disable_action">Chat with us</string>

:eyes: Something has been removed from the gambling block…

<string name="locked_title">Locked</string>

A new title for locked pots :slight_smile: Not sure where it’ll live but I’ll see if I can find out!

<string name="manage_connected_apps_title">Manage Apps</string>

<string name="settings_connected_apps">Manage Apps</string>
<string name="settings_connected_apps_title">Apps</string>

This looks fun! :eyes:

<string name="payments_title_move_money">Move Money</string>

Spelling mistake fixed :joy: (was previously “moony” :laughing:)

Premium Subscription

<string name="premium_subscription_expiration_on_date">Your subscription will expire on %s.</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_monthly_on_date">Monthly on the %s</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_renewal_for_length_on_date" formatted="false">Your subscription will renew for %s on %s.</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_section_manage">Manage</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_section_manage_autorenew_title">Auto-renew when plan ends</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_section_payments">Payments</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_section_payments_remaining_title">Total left to pay</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_yearly_on_date">Yearly on %s</string>

Looks like a bunch is happening here :tada:

<string name="profile_premium_subscriptions_description">Manage your subscription</string>
<string name="profile_premium_subscriptions_pending_button">Add money</string>
<string name="profile_premium_subscriptions_pending_message_monthly">Get your Monzo Plus extras when you add %s or more to cover your first monthly payment.</string>
<string name="profile_premium_subscriptions_pending_message_yearly">Get your Monzo Plus extras when you add %s or more to cover your first yearly payment.</string>
<string name="profile_premium_subscriptions_pending_title">"We haven’t charged
you yet"</string>
<string name="profile_premium_subscriptions_pending_toolbar_title">Monzo Plus</string>

Even more Monzo premium - they’re serious about it :eyes:

Email change?

<string name="profile_email_same_address_message">You’ve entered the same email address as you’re currently using with yout account.</string>
<string name="profile_email_same_address_title">Same email address</string>
<string name="profile_email_suggestion_message">"You wrote '%1$s', but did you mean '%2$s' instead?"</string>
<string name="profile_email_suggestion_replace">Use %s</string>
<string name="profile_email_suggestion_title">"Did you mean '%1$s'?"</string>
<string name="profile_enter_email_hint">New email address</string>
<string name="profile_enter_email_prompt">"Please enter the email address
you’d like to use with your account"</string>
<string name="profile_enter_valid_email_error">Please enter a valid email address</string>

<string name="profile_update_email_dialog_message">If you want to update your email address, please chat with our customer support.</string>
<string name="profile_update_email_dialog_title">Want to update?</string>
<string name="profile_update_email_title">Update email address</string>

Are we finally able to change our own emails from within the app?! :eyes: (I will test this)


<string name="rewards_label">Rewards</string>

Who doesn’t like rewards? :wink:

<string name="shared_tab_add_recurring_bills_title">Add recurring bills</string>

Hmm, I wonder what this will do? :eyes:


<string name="deep_link_account_tab">account</string>
<string name="deep_link_legacy_card_tab">card</string>

The account tab’s deeplink is now called “account” instead of “card” - sensible name :grin: But there’s now a legacy deeplink :joy:

<string name="deep_link_pin_recovery_start">pin_recovery_start</string>
<string name="deep_link_your_monzo">your_monzo</string>

New deeplink for pin recovery and YOUR MONZO :eyes: (I’m very interested in the latter, can you tell? :wink:)


New! :tada:

Lovely! :hot_coral_heart: New Hot Chip with balloons :yum: and a reminder bell (I believe it’s for the energy quoting).

Feature Flags:
<boolean name="custom_pot_images_enabled" value="false" /> - New :sparkles:
<boolean name="email_update_enabled" value="false" /> - New :sparkles:
<boolean name="graphql_iapi_bizops_user_events_panel" value="false" /> - New :sparkles:
<boolean name="loan_picker_v2_enabled" value="false" /> - New :sparkles:

<boolean name="graphql_iapi_bizops_card_panel" value="false" /> - Removed :boom:

Add custom images to your Pots
We’re testing energy switching
(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #77

The text for profile_email_same_address_message has a small typo…

You’ve entered the same email address as you’re currently using with yout account.

Hopefully they’ll correct in the next release. Silly Monzo!

(Michael) #78

I now have a “pencil” icon next to address, phone number and email address that were not there before

This now makes it clear(er) that these three fields in the profile can be edited

Currently clicking the one next to my email address gives me a pop-up asking me to contact the COps

This is still preferable to clicking and getting no action at all, but does suggest the new feature flag is not enabled for me

It is sensible to find a safe way to change email address as it must be taking up at least some COps time better spent elsewhere (witness locked pot debate)

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #79

Version: 2.39.0 :tada:


<string name="affordability_description">Tell us a bit about you to see what we can offer. This won’t affect your credit score.</string>
<string name="affordability_select">Select</string>

This is a new set of strings, I’m hazarding a guess that it might be questions about your current financial status? Maybe how much you get paid, rougly? Pure speculation though.

<string name="energy_quote_50_off_title">£50 off your second month’s bill</string>

<string name="energy_quote_about_tariff">About this tariff</string>
<string name="energy_quote_add_usage_action">Add my energy use</string>
<string name="energy_quote_add_usage_info">Add your energy use to get a more accurate quote.</string>

<string name="energy_quote_bullets_section_title">What you get</string>
<string name="energy_quote_cheap_title">A cheaper deal than any of the %s’s standard plans</string>

<string name="energy_quote_edit_usage_action">Edit my energy use</string>
<string name="energy_quote_edit_usage_info">Edit your energy use to get a more accurate quote.</string>

<string name="energy_quote_yearly_label">A Year</string>

<string name="energy_tariff_electricity_tab">Electricity</string>
<string name="energy_tariff_gas_tab">Gas</string>

Looks like the energy screen has seen some changes :sunglasses: (images in a separate post soon)
Tabs for Gas & Electricity details are now here, splits out the info so it’s clearer for the user :blush:

<string name="fingerprint_invalid_settings_or_pin">Fingerprint authentication failed, please re-enable it in your account settings to try again, or enter your PIN to continue.</string>

Looks like if you fail enough times (presumably on a payment auth) it’ll ask you to enter your PIN instead :slight_smile: I’ll see if I can test that :stuck_out_tongue:

<string name="hide_card_number_subtitle">Hide my card number</string>

You can hide your card number after you show it now :tada: This is live already and works as expected :sunglasses:

<string name="loan_summary_total_amounts">That‘s {amount}, plus {interest} in interest</string>
<string name="loan_summary_total_header">In total you’ll pay</string>

<string name="loan_summary_total_payments">{numRepayments} monthly payments of {repaymentCost}</string>

Bit of a nicer summary of a Loan repayment, by the looks :slight_smile: can’t tell if those are place holders or python f-strings :joy: I’m guessing the former :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

<string name="maps_number_payments">%s payments</string>

<string name="profile_map_title">Your map</string>

Hints at a Monzo Map :hot_coral_heart:

<string name="notification_channel_your_monzo_description">Becoming a Monzo pro.</string>
<string name="notification_channel_your_monzo_title">Your Monzo</string>

More from “Monzo Pro” which we saw introduced in last week’s beta :eyes: let’s just say that “Your Monzo” certainly exists :wink:

<string name="premium_subscription_intro_body">You can now get these exclusive add-ons for just %s a month, with the option to pay more for extras like travel insurance.</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_intro_title">"Get even more from
your Monzo experience"</string>
<string name="premium_subscription_intro_toolbar_title">Monzo Plus</string>

More on Monzo Premium :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: still not seen any of this within my own app yet haha

<string name="remove_connected_app_bottom_sheet_title">Manage %1$s</string>
<string name="remove_connected_app_description">"Please confirm that you'd like to log out of you account on this app."</string>
<string name="remove_connected_app_log_out">Log out</string>
<string name="remove_connected_app_title">Log out</string>

Connected apps (as noted in the deeplink below)

<string name="shared_tab_add_recurring_bill">Add recurring bills</string>
<string name="shared_tab_add_recurring_bills_split_message">We’ll always split this bill equally, even if the amount changes.</string>

<string name="shared_tab_manage_recurring_bill">Manage recurring bills (%d)</string>

<string name="shared_tab_recurring_edit">Edit</string>
<string name="shared_tab_recurring_edit_done">Done</string>

Recurring bills in Shared Tabs :smiley: Looks like this is a thing, might not work yet according to some folks though :eyes:

Deep Links:

<string name="deep_link_manage_connected_apps">manageconnectedapps</string>
<string name="deep_link_update_email">update_email</string>

What do we have here? :eyes: I’ll post more about the connected apps soon :wink:


New! :tada:

edit_badge_avatar ic_blue_recurring ic_fixed_savings_pot ic_flexible_savings_pot image ic_manage_recurring ic_tariff_rounded seekbar_thumb_thick_v2

Changed! :eyes:

Amex was previously a messed up little square, now it’s a proper icon :joy:

This little plus button is now centred and larger

Feature Flags:

No feature_flags this week :sob: I’m not rooted now that I’m on Android Q… There’s no way for me to access the super secret feature_flags file :frowning:

What does Monzo premium / value add mean to you?
(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #80

This change was so massive, it deserved its own post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Savings Pots: :honey_pot:

    <string name="pot_class_subtitles_fixed_savings">"Can’t withdraw for %1$s
For savings of %2$s or more
Earn up to %3$s interest"</string>
    <string name="pot_class_subtitles_flexible_savings">"Withdraw the next working day
For savings of %1$s or more
Earn up to %2$s interest"</string>

Flexible savings, the Investec Savings Pot seems to have been renamed from Savings Pot to Flexible Savings Pot :eyes: Perhaps it’s opening itself up to a greater selection of 3rd parties & the Monzo ISA? :yum:

Or perhaps I should’ve read the next diff :joy:

<string name="pot_class_title_fixed_savings">Fixed Savings Pot</string>
<string name="pot_class_title_flexible_savings">Flexible Savings Pot</string>

Flexible & Fixed savings :tada:

<string name="pot_detail_type_subtitle">Cash ISA</string>

Getting closer :grin:

<string name="pot_error_invalid_tin_value_subtitle">It looks like you entered an invalid National Insurance number. Please try again.</string>
<string name="pot_error_invalid_tin_value_title">Invalid National Insurance number</string>
<string name="pot_error_isa_pot_limit_reached_subtitle">You’ve created the maximum number of ISA Pots. Remove an existing ISA Pot before creating a new one.</string>
<string name="pot_error_isa_pot_limit_reached_title">Maximum number of ISA Pots</string>


<string name="pot_error_max_total_balance_reached_subtitle">The maximum total balance in this Savings Pot has been exceeded.</string>
<string name="pot_error_max_total_balance_reached_title">Savings Pot balance reached</string>

Looks like we’ll need to add our NI number to use some pots :slight_smile:

<string name="pot_info_isa_declaration">Your ISA declaration</string>

T’s&C’s :slight_smile:

<string name="pot_savings_isa_declaration_action">I accept the ISA declaration</string>
<string name="pot_savings_isa_declaration_subtitle">Terms and conditions</string>
<string name="pot_savings_isa_declaration_title">Opening your ISA</string>
<string name="pot_savings_isa_national_insurance_button">Submit</string>
<string name="pot_savings_isa_national_insurance_description">We need your National Insurance number so we can check that you haven’t already opened an ISA in this tax year.</string>
<string name="pot_savings_isa_national_insurance_hint">National Insurance number</string>
<string name="pot_savings_isa_national_insurance_subtitle">Your National Insurance number</string>

So much ISA stuff! Monzo weren’t messing around when they said they wanted to get this started before April :wink:

<string name="pot_savings_type_description">We’ll always offer you the best interest rates our providers can give you. %s</string>
<string name="pot_savings_type_fixed_title">Select fixed type</string>
<string name="pot_savings_type_flexible_title">Select flexible type</string>
<string name="pot_savings_type_learn_more">Here’s how.</string>

I like the sound of Monzo selecting the best offer automagically :blush: So long as they keep us informed before they do anything I think it’ll be cool :sunglasses:

<string name="pot_type_aer_and_gross_description">AER / gross interest per year</string>
<string name="pot_type_aer_and_gross_explanation">What do AER and gross mean?</string>
<string name="pot_type_glossary">Glossary</string>
<string name="pot_type_provider">Provided by %s</string>

Expansion on what was already in the app for the Investec Pots (wording changes & additional “provided by & glossary” :slight_smile:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #81

It has indeed :moneybag:

(Stephen Spencer) #82

Aargh! The apostrophe is the wrong way round! That’s it, I’m off to TrustPilot…