Monzo Did A Good Thing!

I’ve spent plenty of time on this forum bemoaning Monzo’s shortcomings, so I thought I’d let you all know of something Monzo did better than my normal bank.

I had a dormant account with some money in it with TSB, and I wanted to close it and transfer the money to my Nationwide account. As I couldn’t be bothered trying to work out how to close the account, I thought I’d just use CASS to close it.

I logged on to Nationwide, put in the Sort Code, Account Number and debit card number, but “The debit card number doesn’t match.” Like a normal person, I tried a couple of more times, but obviously got the same result.

So I tried to CASS to Monzo. First plus point for Monzo, I could do it in app. Second plus point, Monzo only require the last 6 digits of the card number. Monzo offered me a completion date a day later than Nationwide, but it all went smoothly.

So a big :+1: to the CASS team at Monzo! You did a good thing!!


This is counter to the anti-Monzo narrative! How dare you come on here with a positive story!

I shall immediately begin reporting every post you make in retaliation.



Such a fanboy comment :roll_eyes: :wink:


Normal service will be resumed shortly :joy:


You are comparing to TSB though @Anarchist. That’s not exactly a high bar to compare too :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:


I’ve done the CASS process once and I was impressed/surprised by how smoothly it all went.

There was a fear that it would all go wrong and I think that’s something that stops people trying a different bank, especially as their main account.


I think I’m in the wrong place. This doesn’t sound like the Monzo Community I know of :thinking:

Serious note, really good to hear that @Anarchist. It beats logging into a thread that someone’s made with 500 embedded tweets about how bad Monzo is :joy:


They’ve been paid to say this. Admin can you close this topic please?

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Are you accusing @Anarchist of being an … influencer?


I prefer calling them influenzas.


Where’s that flagging button :thinking:


Only ever done this once for my primary bank account. Would not recommend or be trying it again. Anxiety levels way too high until I see all my salaries have correctly gone in, and all my direct debits have correctly been paid.

I’d much rather do everything manually myself, as much of a pain that is. At least I know it’s done right then, because I’ve done it myself.

With that said, I’ve never actually had anything go wrong with any of the CASS switches I’ve done. All have been pretty smooth processes.

Starling would have done it a day quicker any only required 5 digits from your card. Open your eyes sheeple.


In fairness, it was Nationwide who rejected the perfectly valid card number. I’ve had the TSB account for many years, and haven’t had any problems.

I did use it to move my main account many, many years ago. It worked fine, but the lack of reassuring messages during the switch would certainly give me pause for thought if I was moving my main account.

Sometimes too far really is too far!

Is that the £0.25 interest I received last month you’re referring to? I’ll spend it wisely on a downpayment for a beauty light :wink:

I’m not an anxious person, and it was only a dormant account, but the lack of communication did cause me to wonder if it was all going to happen.

And follow me to the promised land :rofl:


You just started your switch?! Not completed yet?
I had a lot of problems with CASS.
I switched from Barclays to Monzo.
1 year passed and my Barclays account is still “active”
Barclays agreed to remove their account from my credit file but still investigating… claiming Monzo did it wrong
They continue to upload Transfer statements… I receive them for 1 year 4 months every day except weekends.

Been there (and still there :face_with_raised_eyebrow:).

I closed a Barclays account over a year ago, but I still stuff which suggests I’m still regarded as a CA customer. I’ve stopped telling them…

Barclays - worst customer service on Earth

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I actually agree with you and approaches moving my account in the same way.

One thing worth noting though is that if you do it all manually and make any mistakes you’re out of pocket. If you use the CASS and there’s any errors you’ll be covered and reimbursed.


“You can CASS out, but you can never leave.”


This is a very good point, and worth highlighting.

Personally, if I were moving my main account, I would want to manually move some money into the new account before the switch date - so I could start using my new card, set up internet banking and make sure it was working, and so on; then I’d just let the switching process automatically move my direct debits and the remaining balance, etc, on the switch date.

I don’t think I would like to be relying on my old account debit card right up until the moment of the switch and then suddenly start using my new card. What about something like a manufacturing problem with the new card? If I hadn’t tested it, I wouldn’t be sure it was working. I would probably also like to change my PIN to something memorable.

It could just be paranoia that makes me think of these things though!

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