Anyone Else struggling to let go of their OLD bank

Hello, Had my monzo CA for just over a month and I love it… yet some reason I keep finding myself reaching for my HSBC card…

I want to move over really but for some reason cant bring myself to do it…

anyone else having this? what made you take the plunge?

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I suppose it’s just habit :slight_smile:

Personally (back in August 2017), having had a Monzo PrePaid card for a year prior, I got my CA and used it from then on, I was eagerly awaiting the move away from legacy banks :smiley:

Just move the HSBC card to the back of your wallet and keep the hot coral up front :wink: Might prompt you to use it more, think of all the benefits like instant transaction notifications you get with Monzo :smiley:


Habit makes sense - I’ll make the move at some point I’m sure! I’m loving the whole FinTech push that’s going on at the moment. Like i say, just some how cant let go!

Interesting to hear other’s experiences too! :slight_smile:

Hey there. 2 months in and using Monzo as my Major bank now. Yes I had thoughts like everyone shall I do it or not. But hey I did it the only problem was was having to changing the direct debits and bill payments yourself, but hopefully when the CASS is set up and running it will make it alot easier. So I took the plunge last week and closed my Lloyds Bank account, I Feel great that I’ve done it. Just think what you are getting from Monzo Great Customer Service no Fee Transaction Abroad and more. Go take the plunge. 🖒🖒🖒


I have it for cash deposits. Otherwise nothing else has gone through it in months.


I have it for a different method of payment if either fail, luckily you are allowed to have more than one current account, also nice to have both Visa and MasterCard payment methods :slight_smile:


I’m going to use CASS to Complete a parcial switch. I like my Lloyds account for the interest, cinema vouchers, and the ability to pay in cash. Other than that Monzo for everything else. I’ll just setup a reoccurring SO to meet any criteria for the interest payments etc.

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I’ll be the same as of tomorrow, assuming CASS works. I have two accounts with HSBC, so I’ll still have one for cash deposits.

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I kept my HSBC account because they give me good rates for loans, I just shift money to Monzo for regular spending.

Keep the old one. If you’re unsure just start moving things manually over time, it’s a bit more effort but you can move payments across at the pace you choose.

Like others, I keep my old one for paying in cheques and converting loose change. There is one final stubborn direct debit which I’m hoping to move across once I get offered the CASS service, everything else runs through Monzo now.


Have you tried signing up for the CASS beta? I put in a request to squash my Starling account yesterday with it.


I have 4 active and a few relatively inactive current accounts.

Salary has to go into one of them to keep my premier status, but it then gets split into the others for various jobs. Credit cards come out of another with a big free overdraft, bills out of a cashback account and then everyday stuff from monzo.

Mix and match is the way!

I haven’t no - Anything I’ve done so far has been manual - maybe I’ll take another look when CASS lands

Cheers for your input everyone - it’s really interesting to read other peoples views and how they are using their accounts.

I was doing that with a Natwest Rewards account.

Since I’ve recently trimmed all my bills down to start saving money, the cashback didn’t beat the monthly fee, so I’ve started closing the other accounts.

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yeah I make about £35 a year on the cashback - can’t decide if I should just close it, but as it’s all set up I may as well leave it for now.

Yeah I made about the same in cashback, with the bonus of included phone insurance.

I liked being able to just put £500 in each month and leave it for the bills without worrying I’d spend it by mistake.

By trying to budget better, I need the money to come out of fewer accounts to improve my self control over spending. When I was separating money into different places, I was left with spending money that I would always use up. Personally I want to see a balance grow, not just have a bit left in an account and then spend it because it’s there.

I keep my Lloyds account open because I can’t be bothered to go to a branch and close it and I keep my santander account purely for the student overdraft and when my cards fail very occasionaly.

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For as long as Monzo don’t allow cash deposits, provide interest on your balance, and for many iOS users provide Apple Pay, I think the concept of going ‘full Monzo’ is unrealistic.

I think having multiple current accounts isn’t a bad idea regardless anyway.


I’ve already mentioned why I still use my legacy account as my main account.