What happens if CASS fails?

Thuis is probably a question that has been addressed in the context of another thread… I apologise if it has… but what happens with CASS if something fails / goes wrong?

My thinking has been prompted on the back of looking into using CASS to migrate our existing Joint Account from First Direct to Monzo (appreciate CASS is not officially supported yet, but forget that for a moment…:slight_smile:). On the basis that there are some lingering challenges with certain providers and Direct Debit setup (as per this Wiki entry), what happens if during the transition a DD cannot be created against the Monzo account?

My understanding is that on completion the source account used in the switching service is automatically closed, meaning that I would be unable to retain the legacy account to service payments that can’t be facilitated via Monzo. How have others (if you have experienced this) addressed this issue? I’m loathed to have to setup another new account in that scenario just to service DD’s for problematic providers… the hassle of regularly moving money across alone will be a pain :frowning:



I’ve got a bank account with a high street bank which I use to deposit cheques and cash which can be used for any problematic DDs.

I believe that using CASS to migrate DDs will have a lot fewer issues since the issues tend to stem from the merchants systems not recognising the sort code rather than failing on the BACs side. I have a feeling that if its the BACs system moving all the DDs then there is less likely to be issues. Even my Very DD has migrated with no issue and from what I see they do still seem to be having issues taking the Monzo Sortcode.

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Thanks for the reply.

I assume my assertion that the source account will close is correct, and that it’s not possible to request that it remain open? Believe that due to ongoing forwarding / notifications etc. that CASS establishes this isn’t possible, but it would be nice to have the option (i.e. transition all regular payments and balance, but leave the account intact).

You can only keep the old account open by using the partial switch option which doesn’t come with the redirect, 7 day sla or guarantee

I got round this by opening a new account with the original provider. In my case, it was simply to give me an easier way to log in to access other accounts with the provider. But you get a new debit card, the ability to deposit cash, use 3DS payment sites, etc.

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Thanks again. I’m torn to be honest, between doing a manual switch (and risking having issues with certain DD’s that may transition OK via CASS), and just biting the bullet / dealing with the pain of a problem if and when I need to…

There may be some benefit in retaining a “traditional” account for some of the use cases you mention. My procrastination continues!!

I, like others did a manual switch, which to be honest was as smooth as it could have been. YES, I needed to contact each provider directly but this did mean I spoke to the actual department that updated my D/D details directly and confirmed the info. These calls are also logged (ask for a reference number) that can be quoted if there was any ‘problems’ with switch over. I can honestly say that I spent no more than 5 mins on average with each company, so for the sake of a little of my time, this for me was a no brainer.

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The other option is to stop doing business with the “problematic” providers until they sort out their stuff and accept your Monzo account or completely migrate your services to competitors that do accept it.

Monzo is a fully licensed bank and their sort code has been around for a year now, more than enough as per BACS’ rules which require any Direct Debit users to update their sort code validation lists every month. There is absolutely no excuse why Monzo would still be rejected now.

But even if a merchant is problematic about manually updating the direct debit, there’s a high chance CASS will bypass that and update the account details anyway (they might validate the sort code to avoid typing mistakes, but if the request originated from CASS directly there is no reason to do it, so it will most likely bypass validation).


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