Monzo Did A Good Thing!

Don’t you need the new account set up and working though, in order to do the switch? As you have to give account details/sort code etc?

You can’t just say “Monzo, move me to Starling” and then they create a Starling account for you as they move it.

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I don’t if any banks will allow you to start a switch to them as part of the sign up process. But the account details you need are for the account you are switching from.

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Reach out to Monzo CS and see if they can do anything - one of the promises of CASS is that you don’t need to talk to your old bank at all!


I think Monzo should be 5 digits also - this is the amount that CASS checks.

It the bank is asking for the full PAN, its to submit it to Mastercard’s Automated Billing Updater (or the Visa equivalent) to redirect card payments - that sort of thing was on the cards as a potential feature while I was at Monzo, so might come in the future


No, quite often banks are so desperate for you to switch to them that they allow you to provide switching instructions as part of the application. Technically speaking, the application occurs first and the account is then “opened”, before they ask you if you want to switch, but from the point of view of the customer it’s all part of the same process.


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