Monzo Community Mobile App?

(Josh Lindl) #1

It would be nice to be able to access the community via a mobile app than web browser. I can imagine it would be a pretty popular app in its own right. It would get some headlines that an app to talk about banking could be so popular. Suspect my first sentence eludes to exactly what this is though - a nice to have - rather than something worth putting dev resource on.

(Bendik Hallstensen) #2

There is one, at least at iOS. It is called DiscourseHub.

(Elliot ) #3

I’ve bookmarked the site and saved it as a link on my main page, i press the button and it directs me straight to the site. Only problem is that it opens a new tab every time so I have to actively close old tabs.

(Josh Lindl) #5

Just downloaded this and linked it up. Seems okay but I was thinking of a Monzo product in the app store

(Splodf) #6

On my OnePlus it’s saved itself into an app format.

Opens in it’s own self contained Chrome browser but with no tabs or nav.

On my 6t I haven’t had the same option and I can’t remember what I did to make it do it the first time.

(Simon) #7

I think that’s if you click to make it a bookmark but select add to homescreen. Least that’s what happens on ios when i do that

(Sean) #8

Yep if you add to home screen then it either opens a new tab or displays your existing community tab (OP5 w/ Nova)

(Michael) #9

Under both my Moto phones, and on Chromebook, it has done that

Originally I got a pop up. Now cannot work out how to replicate as it embedded itself in Chrome :slight_smile:

Got something similar, but not quite as extensive, for Marcus

(Michael) #10

Wondered if I could replicate the steps, so went to try

Managed to “uninstall” it in Chrome OS by going to the App Launcher, right clicking on the Monzo Community icon and selecting “Remove from Chrome”

Now cannot find a way to add it again


(Michael) #11

Closest method to replicate now:

Cannot get back what I have removed

I wonder if Chrome deprecated that approach


Android users: highly recommend an app called Hermit that will do this for you.

(Jordan Taylor) #13

If you’re on Android, go to the forum home (where all the categories show), press the overflow menu (the three dots at the top next to your tabs switcher) then press “Add to Home Screen”.
Monzo Forum will now appear in your list of apps and will work as if it’s, its own app.

For iOS, I believe there’s also the option of adding to home screen, but not sure how well it works as I haven’t got a device to hand.

(Colin Robinson) #14

iOS when opened in Safari


I would very very much not like development time to be given to this over the main app.

Hopefully some of the things people have suggested in this thread work for you :slight_smile:

(Josh Lindl) #16

I agree. Good thoughts shared, thank you


You can save any page from Chrome/Ecosia (perhaps other browsers, too) to your homescreen, which means it opens as a stand-alone ‘app’.

(Michael) #18

They seem to have retired that recently, at least for Chrome OS

No longer have an option to add to the app launcher

Can still create a shortcut

Not quite the same, but adequate

(Nathan Steer) #19

Still works just fine on my phone. Most of the web pages I have added to my home screen feel app-like when opened. The exception being Skipton (shakey fist) which just opens in the browser.

I assume it depends on how the web page itself was developed, and that they need to add the support for it.

I would guess that most websites built with mobile in mind (almost all modern websites) will work just fine in this way.


This. The Monzo forum worked just fine when I used it this way.