Monzo Community Application

Hey folks,

I’m relatively new to the Monzo community forum and look forward to meeting with you all to discuss all things Monzo! As I use my phone to browse community forums and often find that I have too many tabs opened , I was wondering why there isn’t a Monzo Community app - what are your thoughts on this? What would be the benefits/limitations of developing a community app?


Discourse Hub?


I have the actual Monzo forum installed as thought it’s an app, on Android

Open main page in Chrome, click the hamburger menu, select add to homepage.

It comes up in the list of Apps this way, and directly opens in it’s own instance.

I don’t use a laptop to view the forum, so this works great for me tbf.



The dowside (which is actually a plus for me) is that you dont get notifications.


Thank you, much appreciated - I’ll give the suggested app a try :blush:

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, much appreciated!

Thanks Dave,

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