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Hi, i love to read and post in the Monzo community during my commute but I find the community site a bit of a mess on mobile devices. It often just donesn’t load even tho I have a new iPhone and the latest version of IOS. It’s a bit more reliable on my iPad but it’s far from great. As Monzo is clearly able to make good apps is there any plans for making one for the community? Push notifications and ability to quickly reply and chat with other community users from our phones and tablets would be great!

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Discourse (the forum software Monzo use) have a “hub” app which provides the push notifications you mentioned. Unfortunately, it is just a view into the Mobile version of the community. I’d also like to see a native app but I doubt it will be priority for them.


Cheers Jack, this is better than nothing but I agree a native app would be 100x better!


I think Monzo said they want to have the community forum inside the app eventually :+1:t3:

The discourse app is best for now and you can add others like Freetrade as well…


This forum is actually a PWA (Progressive Web App) so you can just visit it on your modern Android smartphone, click “add to home screen” and voila :slight_smile:


On iOS you can also hit add to home screen and get the same result :raised_hands:t2:


I wasn’t sure if this was one of the open standards iOS supported! Good to know :raised_hands:


Works fine on iOS… what do you mean it’s far from great on iPad?

To be honest I find this place a lot easier to read on mobile, much less noisy. I don’t have any of your connection issues though, it just works for me :neutral_face:

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This doesn’t seem to be working anymore :frowning:

I deleted the PWA APK that was created (I can’t remember what I was trying to achieve by doing so :sweat_smile:) But now I’ve just got, essentially, a Chrome shortcut for the Monzo forum :thinking:

Does anybody have a backup APK of the forum PWA? :pray::yum:

I can add real PWA’s for Twitter, Plex & FreeTrade, just not Monzo :thinking:

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Not sure if this is a new thing, but I was prompted today via Chrome on Android to add an icon to my home screen.

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That’s the PWA :smiley: It started working the day after I posted about it :yum:

It’s a semi-recent Chrome feature, not new new but kinda new :joy:

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It’s been pretty helpful, actually. You get a notification badge and everything.